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The best good morning greetings - funny images to send

WhatsApp: The best good morning greetings

(Source: kellyvandellen via www.imago-ima)

Download and save good morning greetings – this is how it works

If you want to send the images via WhatsApp from your cell phone, for example, your favorite motif can be emailed to yourself. You can then open the images on your smartphone using the Mail app, save them to the photo gallery, and then send them via WhatsApp.

In some cases, you can also share the images directly from your smartphone. Whether this is possible depends on the device you are using and how you accessed the article:

iPhone: If you open this article with the iPhone app, you can press and hold the desired image with your finger. If a menu appears, tap “share” and select a service such as WhatsApp. This is how you can send the photo by WhatsApp. Here you can download the iPhone app from

Android: With an Android device, access the website with the browser of your choice. Now press and hold on a photo with one finger. Click “Image Sharing” in the menu and select a service from the list. Then you can send the photo via WhatsApp or other messenger.

And another tip: If you also want to send morning greetings in the future, bookmark our article so you can find it again quickly and easily. You can easily create a bookmark by clicking the star in the browser bar (where the web address is entered).

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