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Why is the new design of Firefox good?

Why is the new design of Firefox good?

Firefox has changed its design and Mozilla has explained why this is good.

Izvor: B92, PC Press, Engadget

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Mozilla’s goal is to reduce user interference while using the browser with the latest Firefox redesign.

Additionally, Mozilla claims that it wants its users to reduce the number of clicks and “waste no more time.”

Notifications take up less space, you will see fewer alerts and fewer messages, which will help you a lot because Mozilla says it will have a “clean and clear” design and language to make you less distracting.

As part of the redesign, the tabs have also been redesigned. They now have a curved design and appear to be looming over the bar menu. In this way, Mozilla reminds users that they can rearrange their tabs as they see fit. Anything that is currently active will be a little brighter.

After focusing on eliminating distractions, the company has also made it easy to mute and activate the sound of noisy eyelashes. Mozilla has also simplified the toolbar and the three-bar menu. The company says it has consolidated additional menus to reduce clutter and put the actions that people use most often where they are easiest to access. As part of the toolbar redesign, the shield icon within the URL bar will illuminate indicating that Firefox’s enhanced privacy protections are running in the background. Mozilla has also configured Firefox’s privacy mode.

The Full Cookie Protection feature in the browser is now enabled by default when you use the tool. This means that Firefox will store all cookies separately, so no website you visit will be able to share that information. On iOS, Mozilla has paid particular attention to reducing the number of steps required to use some key browser functions. You can download the latest version of Firefox for desktop, Android, and iOS.

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