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Windows 11 2022 („22H2“): Das Feature-Update erscheint ohne Tabs im Datei-Explorer

Windows 11 2022 (“22H2”): Feature update appears without tabs in File Explorer

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.382 is used as the basis for the final version release of Windows 11 2022 (“22H2”) or general availability (Georgia) and appears for the time being without the tabs in the file explorer that were promised several times before and will be shipped later.

There are no tabs in File Explorer for now

I like the site desktop modifier would like to have learned from their own sources, Insider Preview, 10.0.22621.382 ni_release is the exact name of the build, which serves as the basis for the final release of the latest annual feature update Windows 11 2022, formerly Windows 11 22H2, aka “Sun Valley 2” and you’ll probably have to do without the tabs in the File Browser .

As in the official preview of Windows 11 2022, release preview channel build 22579.100, the Vive 0.3.1 tool and the Vive GUI are still required to unlock tabs via Command Prompt or PowerShell .

Enable tabs in File Explorer
  • Start command prompt as administrator
    ViVeTool.exe addconfig 34370472 2
  • Start PowerShell as administrator
    .\ViVeTool.exe addconfig 34370472 2
  • In the ViveTool GUI after the ID 34370472 search and activate.
  • You can then disable it again ViVeTool.exe
    → delconfig 34370472 2

desktop modifier

The tabs will be restored after restarting the Explorer.exe is displayed in the file explorer and can be used as usual with Strg + T open. After a certain number of tabs, the user is shown a scroll bar, the purpose of which is to facilitate navigation through the open tabs.

Tokens must be delivered later with moments.

Even if tabs in File Explorer won’t be included in the initial release of the feature update, which will roll out in waves from late August through September, the new Windows 11 release cycle gives reason to hope for a release soon. .

Tabs will likely be delivered later as a feature, Microsoft calls these “Moments”.

windows 11 2022
  • Official name: Windows 11 2022
  • Code name during development: Sun Valley 2
  • Most important news:
  • Pre-launch: from August 2022
  • Release: from mid-September 2022

*) will probably ship later with a feature drop.

In addition to the expanded start menu with customizable folders and a configurable recommendations area, the feature update will also review operating system settings and give folders a preview image.

As always, the Microsoft Flight Center.

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