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Windows 11: New update fixes 40-minute boot error

Windows 11: New update fixes 40-minute boot error

from round bachman
Microsoft has released the new optional update KB5012643 for Windows 11. The company fixes some bugs like misaligned or truncated video subtitles or button bugs. There are also improvements to a boot error and a memory leak.

A new update is available for Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11. Patch KB5012643 should bring some bug fixes. Currently, the update is optional and can be downloaded through Windows Update and manually. If you’re not plagued with issues right now, you can wait until May 10 when Microsoft releases its next monthly update.

Update with fix for boot error and memory leak

Microsoft itself offers some highlights of the KB5012643 update for Windows 11. This includes, for example, fixing bugs that caused video subtitles to be cut off or partially misaligned. Also, the temperature should now be displayed above the weather icon on the taskbar. Also, there should be an update on a bug that caused button issues. The “minimize”, “maximize” and “close” buttons should work even with a maximized application window.

The KB5012643 update should also bring some relief to businesses or regular PC users. There is said to be a bug that occasionally caused delays in starting the operating system on certain POS terminals. Some PCs are said to have booted for up to 40 minutes. Additionally, a memory leak that occurred on systems that are used 24/7 is said to have been fixed. Besides that, you should more improvements with update give.

Microsoft recently revealed in a podcast that the task manager for Windows 11 with Sun Valley 2 get a more colorful design. The application must support the accent colors of the operating system. The task manager should fit better in the new design of Windows 11.

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