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Windows 11: Some PCs no longer start after the latest Windows update

Windows 11: Some PCs no longer start after the latest Windows update

Most of the time, Windows Updates work without a problem, but downloading the latest version can lead to some errors. What you can do.

After Microsoft released a new version of Windows 11 last Tuesday, problems among users are on the rise. On the online platform Reddit, for example, they complain that the update with the number KB5015814 has destroyed the start menu and it can no longer be closed.

There are also more error messages and so-called boot loops, where the computer no longer boots properly and gets stuck in an endless loop during the boot process. Other users, on the other hand, cannot install the update at all.

We explain what you can do.

Antivirus prevents security update

For those who want to install the new update but are having trouble doing so, there appears to be a solution. The Malwarebytes antivirus program apparently prevents the current version from installing.

If you disable virus protection briefly for the installation, Windows should update successfully. However, anyone who decides to do so should make sure to turn the virus scanner back on immediately after the successful update process.

If you get more error messages or get stuck in a boot loop as a result of the update, you don’t have many options. Microsoft itself has not yet offered its own suggested solutions for specific errors.

When in doubt, the only thing that helps is undoing the upgrade and going back to a previous version of Windows 11.