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With which three devices you should never disconnect

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Of: Kilian Bauml

Now there are some tips to save electricity. One of them is to always pull the plug. On some devices, however, this is not a good idea.

Kassel – In view of the current energy crisis, many citizens plan to save electricity. Not unplugging the plug from the socket after charging can be a real power hog.

However, there are also things that are better left permanently connected to the power supply. Especially with three household items, it is advisable not to pull the plug. You can find out what they are here.

Energy savings at home: some appliances should not be unplugged

Towards wifi router other electrical devices, such as a smart TV, are often attached. As soon as the router runs out of power, these too are disconnected from the WLAN. This can cause problems when turning on, for example, it is often necessary to reprogram the settings. There may also be update issues, as these are usually done at night. the Turn off the wireless router at night to save powerso you should think twice.

Also in OLED TVs better not pull the plug. The TV automatically updates its pixels in the background. If you disconnect from the network, the update process will be interrupted. If this happens too often it can cause image quality to suffer, write Therefore, it is recommended to ask the manufacturer about the possibility of periodically disconnecting the TV from the power supply.

Plugs consume power even when no device is plugged in. To save power, devices should be unplugged from the power source, but this is not recommended for all electronic devices. (Iconic image) © IMAGO/Rolf Kosecki

Energy saving: unplugging the plug can make sense; you shouldn’t do it with the printer

Will Printing machine completely disconnected from power, restarting it will cause the printer to reset and clean itself. When cleaning, the printer uses a lot of ink. In addition, a printer hardly consumes any electricity even when plugged in, so the potential savings are hardly significant, he writes.

However, some cables definitely need to be unplugged from the outlet, especially charging cables for smartphones, laptops, and other equipment, which also consume electricity when no device is plugged in. A study from Switzerland shows how much energy is consumed even without charging. In this “the energy consumption of the mains plugs was measured”, explains the environmental editor of SWR, Dominik Bartoscheck. “The worst model consumed more than a kilowatt hour of electricity a year, just from being plugged in.”

“Annual consumption of more than one kilowatt hour of electricity”: disconnect these devices to save energy

The consumption of the chargers is related to the fact that a transformer was installed, which by design works constantly as soon as it is connected to electrical power, reports the ROE further away.

Not only charging cables need to be unplugged, they can also be used in the kitchen Save energy when the kettle and the toaster is not left plugged in, recommends Bartoscheck. This also has another advantage, because it reduces the risk of fire. Therefore, it is worth checking which plugs can be pulled out of the socket. (Kilian Baeuml)