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Worlds Championship: League of Legends 2022

The last two years were a bubble setup for the entire gaming industry, the apparent reason being the COVID-19 pandemic. This year the League of Legends Esports Worlds Championship is being guided to the streets of North America. The tournament will continue for more than a month, starting in Mexico and terminating in California. Worlds is considered the annual League of Legends championship. The tournament is organized by Riot Games, a famous developer in the domain. This is anticipated to be the largest universal tournament in LoL esports. To discover more about the League of Legends 2022, you need to gather information accurately. It includes the full schedule, format of the matches, prize pool, participating teams, and where to watch it live.

What is League of Legends Esports 2022?

The League of Legends Worlds Championship or Worlds is the annual international tournament that promises to bring top teams to compete with one another to back the title of World Champion and win the Summoner’s Cup.  The tournament brings up more than 800 players from different professional LoL esports teams globally. It takes immense attempts throughout the year to qualify for the tournament. The event happily moves between host areas every year, but this year it will be hosted in four cities across North America and will be played on several stages. It is anticipated that sports betting will be an exciting section associated with the tournament. For better understanding about it, Caesars Sportsbook New York can be considered for its in-play betting markets, trustworthiness, and daily promotions. An additional present with the overall League of Legends championship awaits the fans this year.

Worlds is initiated on September 29 with the Play-In stage and will end on November 5 as the Finals take a turn. The game is distributed into individual stages, the dates of which are mentioned in the article below. The tournament is composed of three phases, namely: the Play-In stage, followed by the Group stage, and finally, the Knockout stage.

Where will the League of Legends 2022 take place?

The starting and culminating dates are already mentioned in the previous segment. The stages will follow in different locations:

  • Play-Ins: The Play-Ins will be conducted between September 29 to October 4, at the Arena Stadium, Artz Pedregal, Mexico City.
  • Groups: It will be conducted in two parts, October 7-October 10 and October 13-October 16, at Hulu Theater, Madison Square Garden, New York City.
  • Quarterfinals: The Quarter Finals will go on from October 20 to October 23, at the Hulu Theater, Madison Square, New York City.
  • Semifinals: The Semifinals will go on for two days, October 29-30, at State Farm Arena, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Finals: The most awaited Finals will be conducted on November 5, at Chase Center, San Francisco, California.

Three Stages of the Tournament

Play-In Stage

The 12 participating teams have been divided separately in two groups, of six each. The first seed comprises LJL, CBLOL, LLA, LCO, and TCL. The second seed has PCS and VCS. The third seed of LEC and LCS, while the fourth seed of LEC, LCK, and LPL areas are the 12. The top team representing each group directly qualifies for the group stage. Whereas, the second, third, and fourth positioned teams in each of these groups will be forwarded to the second round of Play-Ins. Here, matches will be played in best fives. Two specific winners will be advanced to the Group Stage.

Group Stage

There are a total of 16 teams, four from the first- Play-In stage. Four groups of four have been drawn (A, B, C, and D). Among these teams, the first and second seed of LCS, LCK, LPL, and LEC regions along with the first seed of VCS and PCS. The Group stage is expected to be played in a double round with the best-of-one format. From this, the top two teams from each of the groups will proceed to the next round or the Knockout Stage. The two bottom-most teams will be eliminated from here.

Knockout Stage

The remaining teams (eight) will most probably play in an elimination bracket. Here, the first placed teams will confront the second placed teams separated from a different group in the best five series.

Teams that are Competing

The seeds from a region solely depend on their past performance. It has been noticed that strong regions transfer some of their seeds directly to the Group Stage. However, other regions get fewer seeds or a start in the Play-In Stage. The teams competing this year are:

China: LPL

First seed: JingDong Gaming Intel or JDG

Second seed: TOP Esports

Third seed: Edward Gaming Hycan or EDG

Fourth seed: Royal Never Give Up or RNG


Europe: LEC

First seed: Rogue or RGE

Second seed: G2 Esports

Third seed: Fnatic or FNC

Fourth seed: MAD Lions


Korea: LCK

First seed: Gen.G

Second Seed: T1

Third Seed: DWG KIA or DK

Fourth Seed: DRX



First Seed: Cloud9

Second Seed: 100 Thieves or 100T

Third Seed: Evil Geniuses or EG



First Seed: CTBC Flying Oyster or CFO

Second Seed: Mega Bank Beyond Gaming or BYG



First Seed: GAM Esports or GAM

Second Seed: Saigon Buffalo or SGB






DetonatioN FocusMe or DFM



Isurus or ISG



Chiefs Esports Club or CHF



DenizBank Wildcats or IW