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Would you be ready to play video games on Netflix?

Would you be ready to play video games on Netflix?

While Netflix has confirmed its ambitions in the field of video games, do you see yourself using this platform to play? Let us know in our survey of the week.

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This week, Netflix confirmed persistent rumors suggesting that the sVOD platform was planning to enter the video game business. Thus, the firm indicated to its investors that it intended to offer new types of content, in the same way as ” original movies, animation, or unscripted televisionยป.

Initially, Netflix intends to offer video games first on mobile platforms and therefore on smartphones. Therefore, we should find mainly narrative experiences, such as the interactive episode of Black mirror, Bandersnatch or mobile games like the appStrange thingsnow available on smartphones.

Last week, the Bloomberg agency indicated that Netflix intended to enter the video game sector next year, in 2022. The firm has also made several hires in this direction, including Mike Verdu, a former Facebook executive with content uploaded to Oculus headphones. . Bloomberg also indicated that Netflix’s game offering would be offered within its subscription, at no additional cost.

However, many unknowns remain about Facebook’s ambitions in video games. If, therefore, it is observed that the firm will launch first on mobile platforms, it is not yet clear whether the games will also be offered on PCs or connected televisions, and with what controllers. It is also not known whether Netflix will turn to other studios to enrich its catalog in the medium or long term.

Netflix mobile games starting next year

It is in this context that we wanted to take the temperature on Netflix ads. Would you see yourself playing video games using Netlifx as a platform? Let us know by participating in our survey of the week.

As always, feel free to argue your answer in the comments to the article. The most relevant answers will be highlighted when we update this article with the results at the end of next week.