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Xbox Series XUK Inventory Updates and Pre-orders | Smith, John Lewis, Tesco


Xbox fans don’t have to wait anymore. A new era of next-generation Xbox is here.

Two consoles are available, the Xbox Series X (£ 449) and the Digital Xbox Series S Edition (349 pounds) And both were released today, The 10th November..

Xbox has taken a simpler approach to launch Xbox series X Than Playstation 5 -Microsoft players took weeks to get ready for the rush for sale.

However, the second blockade in the UK has changed the situation a bit when it comes to purchasing consoles. First of all, I’m not in a hurry to the store. Second, if you have already pre-ordered, you need to check the collection rules. Third, if you want to buy now, read on online all the time.

Amazon also states that some customers may get the console rear It’s Christmas, so when you buy, look at the delivery date and Yuletide will come to avoid a disappointed face.

Smith The optional Xbox All Access is a great place to look for a console, alongside the improved Gamespass every month. I saw this again as an option. Elsewhere very There was an installment console.

EE And BT It also states that it is making the Xbox Series X / S available to customers. Simply log in to MyBT and you’ll be able to add to your plan immediately with your account or EE. Even if you’re not a customer, you still have time to sign up or read.

Update this page to learn more about Xbox Series S and X inventory and the latest updates. We’ve also rounded up some of the cheapest deals on the old Xbox One.

Xbox Series XUK in stock

Xbox series XUK

The inventory increased at 8:00 am on the release date (November 10th), so please check the link below. Smyths, John Lewis, and also seem to be in stock, and the online store promises more.

Xbox series XUSA

When will I receive the pre-order for the Xbox Series X / S?

In the UK, as of 8:00 am on September 22, pre-orders were available for both the top dog Xbox Series X and the digital-only Xbox Series S. But gamers Pre-order for PS5 Release, it wasn’t ideal, but they sold out very quickly – some major retailers have their website under the pressure of how many people are trying to get one. I saw him buckling.

This page will continue to be updated with the latest retailers and their inventory levels. However, you need to respond quickly, and the inventory disappears as soon as it appears. The location of the inventory is described in detail below.

Xbox Series X Review: “Next-generation games have more consoles than hype. With a sleek design and a very quiet machine, the Xbox Series X really shows what the next-generation games will look like and is stylish. The long load times already look like a thing of the past, and a quick restart is a great addition, but a small change to the controller makes all the difference. It includes the rich titles that come with EA Play. In addition to Gamespass, it’s clear that Microsoft is the winner. “

– – Joe Julian

Xbox Series X and SUK

John Lewis

Please note that John Lewis had enough stock for the PS5, but postponed the pre-order until some others were sold out. Update: Xbox S is back in stock.


Both consoles are back in stock. You’ll also get Xbox All Access for £ 28.99 / month.

PC World Kariya

Series X is currently out of stock and will soon be in stock, but Series S is currently available for purchase.


As one of the most popular retailers, Amazon struggles to keep up with the demand for pre-orders. However, they are restocking regularly throughout the day, so keep checking. Warning: Amazon states that some customers may get in stock after Christmas, so check the delivery date.


SimplyGames appeared for gamers later on the PS5 pre-order date, so be aware of the late pre-order release.


The PS5 was in very high stock and was a good place to see as other retailers started to sell out. Installments are also possible. has several in stock Xbox Series X and S, There is also an installment plan if necessary.


Another retailer that has proven useful on PS5 pre-order dates ShopTo.NetWill be released Xbox Series X Pre-order Set page inventory.


Check it out as it will no longer be available in stores on the release date Tesco For collection or delivery.

How to get Xbox Series X with BT or EE

BT Customers need to log in MyBT account To confirm your offer – The console and accessories are ready.

EE Customers can add the cost of the new Xbox to their mobile contract. Pay 11 interest-free installments as part of an additional service to your plan.

If you are not a customer, there are some EE black friday Deals that you can check out.

Can I receive a lockdown pre-order for Xbox Series X?

Not surprisingly, the news of the second national blockade in the UK has made people a little nervous about playing next-generation consoles. The blockade is currently scheduled to continue until December 3rd, after the release of both the Xbox Series X and PS5. Online orders should deliver fine, but what does this mean if I order from a store that is closed because it’s not required?


Now, there is a flickering hope that came from the announcement, which can be found with the term “click to collect”. Stores like GAME and Smyths can’t be physically opened, but they are allowed to click and collect, and these stores and other stores in the same boat are currently considering how to implement it. Seems to be doing.

Smyths has done this before, so it’s no wonder they do the same again, hoping that it’s time to consider logistics before GAME follows.

GAME has already made some announcements via Twitter

And while it currently only mentions the Xbox Series X, strangely enough, the currently deleted tweets mentioned PS5 earlier. Since then, it’s unclear why it has changed to mention only the Microsoft console. Since then, I’ve contacted customers and told them that they’ll be able to collect the console on the launch date, but all payments must be made before the store closes for a month on Wednesday.

Please bookmark this page. We will keep you updated on the lockdown situation as soon as we have more details. The release date is approaching.

Xbox Series X Accessories

You can also pre-order a selection of Xbox Series X accessories.

However, it’s good news for existing Xbox owners who already have many of the great additions available for the console. They also work on the Xbox Series X. So you don’t have to replace everything you just bought, and there may be newer, more attractive versions at console startup, such as controllers, but buy now to get the most out of the new ones. is not necesary to. console.

And the above are all brands officially licensed by Microsoft to make accessories, and as you can see, there are plenty of them!

Here are some of the items you can buy now that work on Xbox One X:

Xbox One Deals

Maybe you haven’t joined the Xbox world yet and are considering investing in the old console instead of spanking the new console. If so, here are some deals for Xbox One deals that you may be interested in.

And we recommend keeping our eyes Xbox Series X Black Friday Also the page.

Stuck between Xbox and PlayStation?Check the comparison on the new console PS5 vXbox Series X..

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