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You will be amazed: 6 lesser known smart functions, ALWAYS

You will be amazed: 6 lesser known smart functions, ALWAYS

Smart people have made life easier for many of us: we can communicate, work, share images, sounds and information more easily. However, tech experts point out that we can use phones much easier, we just need to know a few tricks.

For your attention, Arnoldas LukoŇ°ius, a Tele2 Innovation Office expert, presents 6 lesser known but hidden useful tools on Android and iOS phones.

  1. Do you write with one hand? Make it more convenient

If you communicate a lot in messages, you probably write with one hand. And now take a look at your keyboard – it’s centered as standard. The good news is that you can move it to the corresponding hand and make it even faster and more convenient.

How to activate?

In the iOS settings, select the Keyboard tab and click One-Handed Keyboard. Place a check mark here on the side you want the keyboard to move to: Right or Left.

On your Android smartphone, open the chat app and select the settings button above the alphabet. Here, select the Style & Layout tab, then the Modes button, and check the box next to One-Handed Keyboard. When you return to the chat box, you will see that the keyboard has moved to the left. If you click the arrow on the right, it will appear on the other side.

  • Custom ringtones

Custom melodies are different ringtones for individual contacts. This feature will let you know who is calling immediately and decide whether to answer immediately or if the caller can be called back later. By the way, iOS owners can add not only different melodies, but also vibrations to their contacts.

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How to activate?

In the address book of your iOS phone, select the desired contact and click the Edit button in the upper right corner. Then select Ringtone and assign the desired melody and / or vibration to the selected contact from the list provided.

Also select the desired contact in the Android smart address book, then press the Menu button and then the Set Ringtone tab.

  • You’re driving? The phone will answer messages for you

Using the phone while driving is one of the most common causes of traffic accidents. Modern smart people are able to recognize when you are behind the wheel and can automatically reply to all messages received at that time. When this feature is activated, everyone who writes to you while driving will receive a reply that you are currently busy and will contact you later.

How to activate?

In the iOS phone settings, select Do not disturb and activate the Do not disturb button while driving.

In Android Smart Settings, select the Sound tab and Do not disturb. Then click on: Activate automatically, Add rule and Drive.

Lack of sleep in the mornings because you surf social media or play too long in the afternoons? Not only can the latest intelligence deliver these entertainments, it can also help limit them. The night mode for this has already appeared with the operating systems iOS 12 and Android 9. When activated, the screen of the smartphone is dimmed, the selected applications are no longer available, and nothing can be interrupted by calls or messages at the specified time.

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How to activate?

On iOS, this mode is called Idle Time and you can find it by selecting Screen Time in Settings.

Android owners can find this feature by selecting Digital Wellbeing in Settings and activating the Disconnect button.

  • Filming or taking photos? Everything!

Before your eyes is a fast-fading moment that you definitely want to capture, but you don’t know if it’s better to take a photo or film it. No need to choose at all – you can capture an image both ways at the same time.

How to test?

On iOS and Android phones, when you turn on movie mode, a smaller white circle appears in the lower left corner near the center of the red home button (on some Android smartphones, a camera icon on the right). This is the capture key. Allows you to take a photo of the screen (capture photos) without interrupting the movie.

Do you remember a photo from the last vacation or a cute photo of a pet, but cannot discover these images in the rich gallery? Forget about long searches in different folders: keywords will help you find long-recorded moments.

How to test?

On iOS and Android phones, open the photo gallery home page and select the search button with magnifying glass at the top or bottom. Then enter the keyword associated with the photo, such as the name of the place, the object it represents (such as a beach, a cat, etc.), or a category (such as a person). Artificial intelligence will instantly sort your photos and offer you the most suitable one. It is true that smart people only recognize keywords written in English.

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