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it is enough to transfer responsibility to workers and citizens

it is sufficient to transfer duty to employees and citizens

Drafting – July 11, 2021

We witness, with bitterness, the point that, right after the unloading of barrels between the Campidoglio, led by Grillina and the Lazio Region, led by PD, the Giunta Raggi, rather of blaming this unworthy condition that the city of Rome is experimenting, to start with it retaliates with the citizens by envisioning a plot towards the Mayor and now discharging all duty in the direction of the Site visitors Law enforcement and the Ama investigation agents, responsible of not managing the abandonment of waste.

This was declared by Francesco Figliomeni, councilor of the Brothers of Italy and vice president of the Capitoline Assembly.

“We stigmatize – carries on Figliomeni – the text of Commissioner Ziantoni who, acquiring the delegation, is largely accountable for this chaos that is centered on the lack of political vision on this difficulty. All this has led to the stagnation that we are suffering from in which citizens no for a longer time know in which to toss their rubbish unless of course the exponent grillina, inspite of a rejection amount between the greatest in Italy, does not want citizens to retain it inside of From household. The Romans, with this umpteenth waste crisis, can see how to govern this kind of a elaborate metropolis, it will take techniques and programmatic expertise and not mere propaganda. The five-star movement received the elections promising seas and mountains even with waste, promises submerged by their incapacity, but also by their arrogance considering the fact that they have usually disregarded our proposals place on paper in several acts that we offered all through the council. Now, in the limited time left, the Raggi administration is striving to implement all the beneficial steps to consider to prevent this phenomenon, but to stop unloading its incapacity on the staff who, jointly with the citizens, are struggling this catastrophe ”.

Inform us what you believe initially.

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