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Zenkit Zenforms: Create and process web forms through the app

Zenkit Zenforms: Create and process web forms through the app

Karlsruhe software maker Zenkit released Zenforms, an application for web forms, in early March. To create a wide variety of forms using the application, users do not need any programming knowledge. The app is available as a web app in the browser, mobile for iOS, and Android, and as a desktop app for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Various forms can be created with Zenforms, for example for surveys or appointments. Participants are invited through a link and can complete the form anonymously or as a registered user. Subforms are also possible; the app checks the input directly for duplicates. Zenforms runs both online and offline and is GDPR compliant, according to manufacturer Zenkit. Zenkit servers are located in Germany.

If the application is integrated into the Zenkit suite, existing data can be integrated into the forms; form data can be processed directly with the other applications in the suite. However, Zenforms also works as a standalone application without the suite. There is a free basic version of Zenforms to try, as well as several paid subscription plans.

Zenkit is a start-up from Karlsruhe. In addition to Zenforms, the Zenkit suite includes tools for project management (Projects), task management (To Do), communication (Zenchat), and knowledge management (Hypernotes). The basic component of the suite is Zenkit Base, according to the manufacturer, a platform for digital transformation.


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