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27 years later: Linus Torvalds' hitherto unknown speech on Linux

27 years later: Linus Torvalds’ hitherto unknown speech on Linux

John “Maddog” Hall, a 71-year-old man who has been involved in the creation of Linux from the beginning, shared two shots of Linus Torvalds talking about Linux in 1994 at Catholic Christmas.

Source: B92, Linux.Slashdot

Photo: Profimedia

On, Hall shared two videos of Linus Torvalds talking about Linux 27 years ago.

In February 1994, the director of the Society of Digital Equipment Computer Users emailed Hall to bring in a man from Finland whom he had never met to discuss his new project, which did not work on either Ultrix or DEC. / OSF1.

They didn’t have the money to go there so the company paid Linus to come to the conference and he was great.

Linus was nervous because there were 19,000 people at that conference, but when it came time to give a speech, there were only 40 people to hear “Introduction to Linux” and “Linux Deployment Problems”. Hall says he remembers getting a big round of applause. So far these speeches have been lost, but now Hall has made them public.

He cleaned out the office and was shocked by what he found on the tapes.

He says he had to share it with everyone.

Can you hear Linus speech HERE.

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