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6 million sales, PS4 and PC figures in detail

6 million sales, PS4 and PC figures in detail

Released May 25, 2018 exclusively on PS4, Detroit: Become Human was subsequently released for PC as soon as Quantic Dream decided to not only be a simple development studio, but also its own publisher, in particular thanks to the arrival in the capital of the Chinese NetEase. The Parisian studio takes advantage of the somewhat weak news of the summer to give us news of the sales figures of its latest title. And it is through a press release that could not be more official that we learn that 6 million copies have been sold in their entirety. Better yet, the publisher tells us that of the 6 million games, 5 were made on PS4 and the remaining 1 million for the PC version, with figures set as of July 6, 2021.

Detroit: become human

Despite the health crisis, the year 2020 was marked by a strong development of our company “, declares Guillaume de Fondaumière, Quantic Dream’s Deputy CEO, before adding that the “Last year, the group confirmed the validity of its desktop publishing strategy and achieved a new record profit after tax of € 5.7 million.”. According to Quantic Dream, This very positive trend is also confirmed in the first half of 2021 with record sales registered in recent weeks “. We can also remember that Quantic Dream is now a publisher that supports other projects, often indie, and that after Sea of ​​Solitude: The Director’s Cut on Switch, the Parisian company is currently financing the development of the next project of the independent studio. Parallel Studio and co-produced the upcoming title from Norwegian studio Red Thread Games Dustborn. Beautiful things to come.

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