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सावधान! तुमच्या स्मार्टफोनवर कोणाची नजर तर नाही ना?

Be careful! Does anyone have an eye on your smartphone? Dial this number and immediately recognize Technology

Today we are going to tell you some of the numbers you can dial and someone will look at your phone, right?

Mumbai, July 21: smartphone (Smartphone) We use it for your convenience. But a crime (Cyber ​​crime) People with instincts use smartphones to commit bad deeds. Your phone is hacked by these criminals who use some apps and cheat on you or your private data is stolen (Data leak) Happens. But today we are going to tell you some numbers that will make you look at your phone, right? You will know this. So let’s find out.

* # 62 #

If your phone is forwarded to another location, you can find out via this code. For this you need the above code from your Android phone (Android phones) You want to dial, and if someone is tracking you through your smartphone’s sensor, this code will let you know.

## 002 #

If you want to disable all redirects from your phone, please dial the above code on your mobile phone. If you are going to make international or roaming calls (International calls) If you do, you can deactivate all forwarded calls with this code.

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* # twenty-one #

Dial the above code on your smartphone and press the call button. This will let you know if your call is being transferred to another number. Not only that, it will let you know which call is being forwarded and how many numbers are being forwarded. Hackers deliberately forward incoming calls to your number. Hackers can also use it to monitor you. However, with this code, you can find out if someone is looking at your phone,

* # 06 #

You can find out the IMEI number of your smartphone by dialing this number on your mobile phone. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can use this number to find or track your phone.

Published by:Atharva Mahankal

First published:July 21, 2021 8:46 PM IS