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A very strange scene was seen on Google Maps

A very strange scene was seen on Google Maps

One of the most widely used services and applications for smartphones today is Google Maps, which we use for navigation, walking, public transport and driving. The map service, in addition to being useful, often listens to surprising stories about it.

Keen users have now seen an absurd scene on Google Maps: A satellite image over Oregon shows two graves with one person looking up. With a large pile of dirt rising up next to them, the holes can appear freshly dug, plus each one customized.

However, the photo on the net soon revealed that it was not what it seemed. To the express he followed to the thing, and it turned out that it was actually a performance by an artist couple. The performance of “Untitled (Graves)” is from Chicago led miller and Stan shellabarger collaboration, which discusses the issue of mortality. As you can see on Google Maps, the arms of the two bodies lying closest together appear to extend underground to the other, illustrating that they are holding on beyond their deaths. The artists presented their work at an art festival, where they also recorded the scene with a lifting device.

However, how it was added to Google Maps is questionable.

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