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Amazon-Angebot: Gaming-Headset von Soundcore für günstige 20 Euro!

Amazon: Soundcore gaming headphones for cheap 20 euros!

If you like to play other games, you usually have a gaming headset as well. After all, communication often works better than just using the chat or Discord feature. If the service fails, then a successor must be found quickly. Amazon has it these days. The Anker Soundcore Strike 1 is available there for just €19.99. Compared to the competition on the Internet, you save a hefty 60 percent and thus 30 euros! A very good bargain. As a Prime customer, you can order for free, while the luxury for everyone else only applies to a minimum order value of €29 (all prices and information as of September 20, 2022).

Save 60 percent on Soundcore headphones!

According to the manufacturer, the Anker Soundcore Strike 1 has specially enlarged 52mm audio drivers for gaming for impressive sound that emphasizes gunshots and footsteps. The soft memory foam ear cups are infused with cooling gel, which is meant to keep your ears cool in heated battles. The built-in noise-isolating microphone is detachable, and thanks to the IPX5 protection class, it can see water, sweat, or soda, according to Anker. Thanks to the audio cable, it can be used on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, among other things. A separate regulation of the microphone and volume is also possible.

  • With 52mm audio drivers and noise-isolating microphone
  • Compatible with PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • 30 euros compared to the competition save money

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