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Bel’Veth: New LoL Champion – Abilities, Advancements and more

Bel’Veth becomes the next champion of League of Legends! Source: Riot Games

“I am all that the Void has swallowed!” – With these words introduces the new heroine of League of Legends, Bel’Veth, who is nicknamed “the Empress of the Void” and will appear in the form of lightning. Riot Games released the official champion trailer for the upcoming newcomer to Summoner’s Rift yesterday.

Bel’Veth comes across as a fighter, so she might find her best position in the top lane or jungle. But who knows how creative players will once again be when it comes to champion role design.

A mixture of escape and trailer.

Most of Bel’Veth’s abilities can also be seen in the new champion trailer. She will rely on great mobility and control of the opponent, which makes her a flexible character. Not only does she have a run, but she is also capable of launching multiple enemies into the air with a single attack and dishing out huge area of ​​effect damage.

If a Reddit leak of his full set of abilities comes true, the Dash will recharge if he hits an enemy champion with it. In the new trailer, on the other hand, it looks like the Dash basically has at least two charges. According to this leak, Bel’Veth would also have a way where he could move underground and therefore be invisible during this time and could also move through walls. Upon surfacing, he would knock nearby enemies into the air, becoming untargetable even for short periods of time and briefly stunned.

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What abilities does Bel’Veth really have?

One ability that appears in both the leak and the Champion trailer is a zone that Bel’Veth can create around himself. While active, pulls all enemies in the radius, dealing damage but not being able to move. Also, he should get some reflect damage in this stance and can even blow up the area at the end.

Last but not least, his ult should ensure he takes his “true form” and gets a huge bonus to almost every stat. His passive ability, with which he is supposed to be able to form a swarm and keep growing, would also be used here and attack nearby enemies. This is also not visible yet in Champion’s trailer, though the “ultimate form” is briefly hinted at at the end.

Some abilities from the leak now appear to be confirmed by the trailer, while others we haven’t seen yet. So we won’t know which information is valid until Riot Games officially unveils the Bel’Veth kit. Until then, you can check out the Bel’Veth game for yourself.

Bel’Veth: Empress of the Void | champions trailer

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