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BRAWL TALK Jurassic Splash tomorrow at 6pm on Youtube!

BRAWL TALK Jurassic Splash tomorrow at 6pm on Youtube!

BRAWL TALK Jurassic Splash tomorrow at 6pm on Youtube!

The new season 7 of Brawl Stars will probably be called Jurassic Splash and will be full of news but above all game modes.

Before we start talking about Brawl Talk, I invite you all to come LIVE on Twitch shortly CLICKING HERE to talk about the new BRAWL TALK together and maybe discover new clues about the new update of Brawl Stars Jurassic Splash. If they are not live yet, activate the channel notification so it will announce when the live starts.

The new Brawl Talk of Brawl Stars has finally been announced and will air in world PREMIERE tomorrow evening at 6pm on Youtube and obviously I will not miss the appointment with me in LIVE on Youtube.

We will do the REACTION of the PREMIERE on my Youtube channel with the translation of all the news and obviously we will talk together about the positive and negative things of the new update.

What’s coming in the next update?

In the meantime, here is the first Sneak Peek video showing a lifeguard chair complete with a Whistle and various beach, sea and Aquapark accessories. There are surfboards, beach items, life jackets and mysterious Jurassic objects.

Jurassic Splash, should introduce a new summer animation themed Aquapark / Beach and probably the new brawler has to do with a dinosaur, since from the preview image it is possible to notice a small egg in the hands.

Also with the new Season 7 Jurassic Splash, one or more game modes are expected to arrive, as they have announced 3.5 game modes. This may mean that there may be 3 new game modes + a Rework 0.5 of a current mode (maybe Showdown).

I wait for you tomorrow at 6 pm on my Youtube channel to watch the PREMIERE of the new one together BRAWL TALK Jurassic Splash, translate it into Italian and comment on it a little together.

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