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FlexiSpot GD01 gaming table in the test

FlexiSpot GD01 gaming table in the test

Necessary equipment for hardcore players.

A special game table is only for a hardcore gamer … but that’s exactly what I fall for. I play an hour or two at night almost every day. The team should also be halfway there right there. Just a few months ago I reassembled the computer with noble parts (and the old graphics card), the chair is a really comfortable gamer chair, the sound covers the whole house (much to the delight of my wife and neighbors) and the monitor is a screen. 34-inch ultra-wide (curved); It also includes a decent player table!

So after thinking about my personal justification for a new table, I ordered one of these right away. My requirements are manageable … first it should look good, second it should be nice and big, and third it should be stable. My current table does not meet all three points. Affordable wouldn’t be unimportant either, I don’t necessarily have to start with the ultra-deluxe version on my first gaming table. After thinking about it a bit, I chose that FlexiSpot GD01 He decided. It is also height adjustable and also has a headset and a cup holder. So a bit of luxury after all.

FlexiSpot GD01

After my order and a week of anxious waiting, the thing is here. Perfectly packaged, there is hardly any possible damage during transport. Now I can get rid of tons of cardboard for this. Of course, the table is disassembled in the transport box and must first be assembled. However, the assembly is quite simple: the illustrated instructions in German (or also in English and French) explain each step even to a person who has moderate skill, so that the assembly progresses quickly. The individual pieces are superbly processed, everything is made of metal, no cheap particle board as is the case with discount furniture. The pieces also fit together perfectly and assembly is quick … until I get to the table.

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The surface of the table is basically huge, I was wondering how it fits in the transport packaging. The solution to the puzzle is, of course, simple: it consists of two separate wooden panels. Therefore, two plates have to be screwed together. The tabletop is the only part of the table that is made of wood. At the bottom, the points to which the screws belong are already marked and slightly pre-drilled. However, for the first time I need the support of my better half to connect the two panels as precisely as possible. The exact fixing of the plates to the table frame is probably the only tricky point during assembly. Thanks to a handcuff and cordless screwdriver, I managed this part too, but I can’t find the (tiny) space in the exact center of the table really ideal. However, the supplied mouse pad can help here. In fact, it covers the entire table. I have never seen such a large mouse pad. It blends precisely with the table and is padded around the edges, which looks quite high-quality. The huge pad is almost a shame, because the carbon-look tabletop looks really cool.

My new deep black gaming table is fully screwed in front of me: 1.6m wide and about 75cm deep. My monitor, which is quite large, is easy to use. Two or even three monitors would not be a problem on the table. Desktop PC included, in case you don’t want to put it under the table. By the way, the table feet are clamped so far that they don’t interfere at all. Great legroom and no annoying center supports. And the table is stable, so stable that my wife wants to use it as a work table for her sewing machines. At the back of the tabletop are two cable entries through which cables can be routed, which can then be routed to the side (or hidden) under the table under a cable management network. Cable management may not be for everyone, but I’ve become a huge fan of it ever since I realized how much less dust it accumulates. I would never reassemble a desktop without a cable management system, and now that goes for the table, too. No more impenetrable tangled cables in the ground behind my gaming PC. I ran both the speakers and the mouse and keyboard cables through the two openings.

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