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The Ultimate Guide to Ripple and How to Buy It with Ethereum

In 2021, we can anticipate a big shift in the cryptocurrency industry. Among all other digital assets, Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum (ETH) are two profitable options for crypto investors. But you must use a reliable exchange if you are thinking about exchanging the two assets.

To solve this problem, we came up with this ultimate XRP guide and the best platforms for exchanging it with Ethereum. If you are interested, let’s start now.

What Is Ripple (XRP)?

Ripple is more than a cryptocurrency. It is a digital payment protocol with peer-to-peer and open-source features. The transfer of money using XRP is seamless. You can also exchange fiat or other cryptocurrencies.

XRP vs. Other Cryptocurrencies

Here’s a quick snapshot of Ripple versus other cryptocurrencies:

  • Transfers are faster and smoother with XRP thanks to the differences in the ledger system. 
  • Users can exchange XRP for traditional money and use it as a payment solution.
  • Transferring money worldwide is acceptable using XRP. The digital asset can perform 1500 transactions per second. Three to five seconds is the average settlement of the ledger compared to the 13 seconds of Ether.
  • The biggest difference compared to other cryptocurrencies is that you can’t mine Ripple. 

Buying Ripple and Ethereum

The following platforms allow you to exchange XRP and ETH. 


Godex is a great way to buy XRP and ETH with anonymous features, fixed rates, and no limits. It is very fast and reliable. You don’t need to provide sensitive personal data or register to trade. Just swap the currencies easily in a simple interface.

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With features like instant delivery, fast-track verification, and multiple payment options, you can easily buy or sell currencies like XRP and ETH. Coinmama accepts USD or euros to start your exchange instantly. 


Coinbase is another popular exchange to trade Ripple and Ethereum. The exchange has a secured storage system. It also supports many digital assets with higher trading volumes.


Kraken is a trusted exchange for XRP and ETH trading. The exchange is one of the safest with 24/7 customer support. Kraken is more known for its liquidity.


When buying ETH and XRP, CoinSwitch is another option that made it to our list. It simply finds the best rates, converts your favorite currencies, and tracks your order. It has larger currency pairs to choose from.

Use Godex to Buy Ripple with Ethereum

  1. Choose ETH in the You Send field and input your desired coin. Select XRP in the You Get field.
  2. The system will ask for a wallet address. Enter the wallet address and click Exchange.
  3. Godex will start the deposit and wait for the exchange process. After the exchange, you will receive XRP.
  4. You will get a confirmation.

General Thoughts

You can easily trade Ripple for Ethereum and use the Ripple digital payment protocol with the benefits mentioned above. XRP ensures a better payment transfer, instant transactions, and a mining-less ecosystem.

For an XRP to ETH exchange with, you can use this ultimate guide to your advantage.