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How does VR & AR change the gaming industry?

When online gambling first appeared, players had access to the most basic game. These titles don’t have any advanced features or even the best graphics. Over the years, technological changes have allowed software developers to create fantastic casino games that are now popular across the globe. With great graphics, animations, sounds and additional features, casino games now offer players a realistic experience.

The industry is constantly changing, and new technologies come into play regularly. Two technologies are developing rapidly, and both are changing the betting market. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are the most significant changes in the online marketplace. These will allow operators to provide players with a better experience and enable software developers to create the best games ever.

Here, we examine how these technologies are being used and how they will change the future of online gambling. Some casinos and developers are already operating virtual reality to provide players with the most rewarding and exciting gaming experience. Although the technology is still new and not yet implemented on many websites, you can learn how VR and AR are used and how they will ultimately affect your gaming experience when visiting an online casino.

What are AR and VR?

As an online gamer, you must understand how AR and VR work and their differences. Both are very similar technologies that will change how we interact and perceive our environment. However, they differ in the hardware required. Hardware is used to change our settings.

With AR or Augmented Reality, you can have a better experience because your current physical environment is modified with an overlay of virtual objects. AR can add audio, people, and things to your surroundings. These will all be added to your current location. You often don’t need any special hardware to enjoy AR. All you need is your smartphone when using it at an online casino. Augmented reality software is also easier to develop because companies don’t have to create contexts or environments.

With VR or virtual reality, you will experience a fully simulated environment. It immerses players in a virtual world and provides a unique experience. For VR, players must use special headsets and speakers. Unfortunately, hardware requirements will limit who can enjoy VR online gambling, as these things can be expensive.

For the best experience, users need a good headset to present the virtual world through the lens. Since not everyone can afford the extra hardware, a VR casino may not be the best option for all players. However, AR casinos do not have these requirements and are more accessible for software companies to create and manage.

How AR and VR are revolutionizing the gambling industry

These two technologies are at the forefront of changing how we play casino games online. By offering more excitement and realism, you’ll find casinos that use AR and VR technology to be the top-rated sites for their ability to deliver virtual experiences. These two areas of technology are still in their infancy, so it is impossible to tell you exactly how they are used in online casinos.

These techniques are used for a single purpose. This enhances the user experience by creating a virtual atmosphere that simulates what you would enjoy in a land-based casino. Players will feel like they are walking through the floors of a land-based casino and can even interact with others. With these different technologies, the world of online gambling will change forever.

Not only can you access standard games and play on your phone or PC, but you can also have virtual experiences with other players worldwide. You can even look around the casino attractions and stroll down the slot machine aisles before deciding to play them. AR and VR will genuinely change the world of iGaming.

If you’re a fan of online casino games and have enjoyed the activities of the leading sites, you’ll want to learn more about these unique technologies that will soon change how you play. In the future, you can play online slots as if you are sitting at the machine and interacting with other players in a virtual environment.

Not only will your slot machine experience be different, but it will also apply to all games you visit in a VR or AR casino. You’ll find that the current live dealer games can’t match the realism these newer casino sites provide.

Who needs luck when you have technology?

A new video with a unique AR (augmented reality) filter is making waves online and sparking debate about the impact of immersive technology on the gaming industry. First spotted by Futurism, the video shows an AR overlay that provides real-time estimated win percentages in a Texas Hold’em game simply by looking at the cards in a player’s hand.

The video was shared by Dev Khanna, founder of DGsaga which is a digital storytelling agency. In the tweet, Khanna mentioned artirilmisgerceklik, a Turkish Instagram page all about AR technology, which in turn credits Roman Emig, the cloud specialist at AR/VR software and technology company Holo-Light. While Khanna directly references machine learning and 5G technology in his original tweet, we’re not sure how or why the filter was created.

Whether or not the filter is accurate, it raises some interesting questions about the future of gaming and immersive technology. As the video shows, the technology can potentially disrupt the casino industry by giving tech-savvy players an edge over the bookies. That is, if they can use their smartphones or headsets unnoticed, according to the U.S. Federal, state and local laws, card counting is legal as long as you do not use an external card counting device or seek help from others.

However, as AR evolves, so does the device’s design. There shouldn’t be any problem with casino security detecting a Magic Leap 2 or Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset at a poker table, but it will never be that easy. For example, despite their relatively discreet design, Snapchat’s Spectacles AR glasses offer surprisingly sophisticated AR experiences.