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Popular gaming startups in Norway to note down – The Norwegian gaming industry


Do you enjoy playing video games? It is a worth billions of dollars business that employs thousands of people (including in Norway!).  Employment in the gaming business is no longer reserved for a select few with a particular passion.

A good knowledge foundation is required to have an understanding of the promise and growth of the Norwegian gaming sector. Moreover, an online reviewing platform is helping people understand which company should they consider for gaming through their honest, detailed, and constructive reviews by real experienced people. 

3 of the Popular gaming companies in Norway

The advent of the online gaming business has changed the way people wager on games all across the world, not just in Norway.  This aspect of gaming in Norway also brings in millions of dollars and amuses viewing figures and enthusiasts. 

These popular gaming companies in Norway are snatching the top spots in popularity rankings for video games, and many new companies have become incredibly successful after releasing excellent titles.

  1.  Snowcastle games

They are a modest entrepreneurial game development studio that launched in 2009 and released its initial smartphone application in 2011. That game drew considerable interest and was one of the most popular in the android market that year. Later on, they launched the  RPG, Earthlock: Festival of Magic, which quickly became a hallmark of the Norwegian gaming world.

  2. Funcom

This video gaming company has a studio in Durham, North Carolina, and is located in Oslo. They’ve already established a name for themselves in the business and may be called a well-known gaming company. This gaming company focuses on Massive Open Matchmaking Tabletop Roleplaying (MMORPGs) (or MMORPG).

  3. Megapop

Megapop is a wonderful blend of seasoned programmers who have already worked in various famous developments and infrastructure skills. By developing their work’s distinctive innovation, aesthetic, and UX, they earned a good name in the gaming industry. Megapop is a multi-faceted development business with expertise in games, applications, and augmented worlds. Mega numbers, Haxity, and Trolls VS Vikings are just a few of their most popular games.

The gaming business in Norway is now being revolutionised by a slew of brilliant creators and development companies who are earning well from this field. We’ll undoubtedly learn more about their efforts in the next if one of them makes it to the peak of the android market rankings.

Which esports games are most played in Norway?

The most popular games played in Norway are Dota 2, StarCraft: Brood War, Heroes of the Storm, Rocket League, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch, StarCraft II, and Counterstrike.

If talking about the top teams in Norway according to the earnings starting from $24,000, the following are enlisted; Team Norway ($24,000), Alchemist Unleashed ($19,429), Epiphany Bolt ($18,154), Riddle esports ($15,479), Nordavind ($15,377), MyXMG ($13,172), and Norse ($11,393).

Wrapping up

Counter-strike is one of the most popular games played which is represented by 31 squads under a prize pool of $77,000+.