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INWIT, the diversity and inclusion policy approved.  Download the document

INWIT, the diversity and inclusion policy permitted. Obtain the document

The acceptance meeting for the semi-once-a-year report was moved to July 29. CEO Giovanni Ferigo: “With the acceptance of the diversity and inclusion coverage, we have embarked on a proactive route to overcome any discrimination.”

The Board of Administrators of Infrastrutture Wi-fi Italiane SpA (INWIT), which fulfilled now (yesterday ed) under the chairmanship of Emanuele Tournon, permitted the alter to the 2021 company functions calendar, introduced on December 10, 2020 and accepted the policy Diversity and inclusion.

The Board of Directors agreed to advance the meeting referred to as to approve the semi-yearly money report from June 30, 2021, originally scheduled for August 4, to July 29, 2021. The teleconference with analysts and downstream buyers of the Board of Administrators is confirmed July 29, 2021.

The Board of Administrators accepted the Plan Diversity and inclusion, what aims to enrich discrepancies, establish a small business lifestyle aimed at beating all sorts of discrimination and historical-cultural prejudice, make the workplace an inclusive and plural natural environment, open to the contributions of all and all in which any range can be welcomed and valued. The objectives of the plan are to motivate the confrontation and contamination of various ideas and sensitivities, so that from the trade it is attainable to generate value in the office, recognize the expertise and angle of each 1 and offer everybody the exact chances for advancement. . qualified.

The Board of Administrators also authorised the modifications to the insider investing process and insider trading, currently in line with latest and latest legislation much better techniques sector, in purchase to include internal organizational changes and streamline the method with a look at to improvement.

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