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Kali Linux 2022.2 with a polished and unbreakable look

Kali Linux 2022.2 with a polished and unbreakable look

The new version 2022.2 of Kali Linux is now available for download. The developers have not only made the system look more modern, but also integrated new features and tools.

Kali Linux is aimed at security researchers who may use the system for network security testing or file forensics, among other things. Kali Linux is available in various editions, for example for ARM processors or virtual machines, downloadable. Anyone who already uses the system can too update to the new version.

The developers have summarized the changes to the previous version in a blog post.. Thanks to the latest version of the GNOME 42 desktop environment, the system now has a more modern look. The now available screenshot and screen recording tools should be of practical use.

As an alternative, the KDE Plasma 5.24 desktop environment is available. Also, thanks to various Xfce settings, users can set a default wallpaper for multi-screen environments, among other things.

Thanks to the support of the BTRFS file system and the snapshot feature that comes with it, users can now travel back in time. If, for example, a driver installation fails, you can simply return to the system state before the driver installation with just a few clicks. The developers call this feature “Kali Unbreakable”.

In addition, developers have implemented new tools such as BruteShark for network analysis, the HTTP Httpx toolkit, and the Wifi Sparrow-wifi analyzer. Besides that, Kali Linux should work better on ARM devices like Raspberry Pi due to various optimizations.

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