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Mario Strikers: Battle League Football - Peach

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – Datamine may reveal number of characters and more – ntower

Even if many fans are looking forward to the next release Mario Strikers: Football Battle League happy, the number of only ten playable characters at launch leaves a bitter aftertaste for some. Yesterday, Nintendo confirmed that there are additional characters and other content in the form free updates to follow after publication. Thanks to the work of the dataminers who have discovered the entrails of the recently published online demo After examining the game, we can already have a rough idea of ​​how many extras will finally await us.

As Twitter user @Wipeoutjack7 discovered yesterday, the game code already has entries for 20 characters total. However, so far it has not been possible to find out who they are. data mines are no warranty that the content of the game will actually be implemented in this way and to this extent, but it only gives an indication of what the development team’s intention might be. If the number is accurate, Striker’s roster could double by the time the free updates are complete. For now though, we have to wait for more information from Nintendo.

Also, @OatmealDome, another trusted dataminer of Nintendo titles, claims that Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is based on the old online infrastructure called NEX it will be based on the NLPN system introduced in 2021. However, since both technologies are based on a peer-to-peer connection between players, this should hardly be noticeable in many users’ online gaming experience. Most of Nintendo’s current titles, including the recently released Nintendo Switch Sports, continue to use the long-defunct NEX system.

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Would you be satisfied with a final number of 20 characters?

Reference source: Twitter (@wipeoutjack7), (@OatmealDome)