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Mario Strikers Battle League Football release

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – Wild Soccer Game Released For Nintendo Switch

Starting today, the football field heats up with Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. Source: Nintendo

The ball rolls again in the Mushroom Kingdom, because today is Mario Strikers: Soccer Battle League released for Nintendo Switch. In it, players compete in Strike: a fast-paced 5v5 game where pesky rules are out of bounds. What counts in this soccer-like sport is the will to win and the ability to get the ball into the opponent’s goal amidst the hustle and bustle of the pitch.

The overall trailer gives an impression of sports action:

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That’s what Mario Strikers is all about

Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, Toad and other familiar faces from the Mushroom Kingdom are available for players to choose from as they compete locally or online in exciting matches of up to eight players. They have many different options in the field. For example, they can use team tackles to deftly trip opponents or give members of their own team a speed boost with a targeted push. If they manage to snag a Strike Orb, they can also use a particularly spectacular Hypershot. If this goes into the net, they score two goals in one hit.

Another peculiarity of Strike: there are no fouls or rules here. But when things get this rustic, the right equipment is of course also important. Players have a variety of teams to choose from. If you equip your characters with it, it will not only change their appearance, but also their values. For example, you can power up Toad so he’s better equipped against tackles, or give the slower Bowser a higher speed value so you can build your own individual team.

competitive concept

Ambitious athletes can also show off their skills at the Strikers Club. In this online mode, they can set up their own clubs with up to 20 members and design their stadium, club clothing and logo. Alternatively, they can also join an existing club. This opens up the opportunity for them to compete against other teams and earn points with the potential for promotion to a higher league at the end of week-long seasons.

This even makes Mario Strikers a serious esports title. Even if the description of the game sounds far-fetched, it is packed with exciting game mechanics. The control of the new Mario soccer game is easily accessible and easy to understand even for beginners, but professionals have the option to perform manual maneuvers and use smart timing to outplay opponents in targeted ways. So if you master the technique, you will also be victorious on the field against your opponents.

Here are some of the pro tricks featured in the video:

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