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Windows 11 Build 25136: Insider können Tabs im Datei-Explorer ausprobieren

Windows 11 Build 25136: Internal users can try tabs in File Explorer

Tabs in file explorer were repeatedly used in Microsoft operating systems as a test. Ultimately, Windows 10 did not get the feature in its final implementation; it will be implemented in Windows 11 with Sun Valley 2 in the fall. Selected insiders can now test the feature on Build 25136 without tools.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25136 is currently being distributed by Microsoft in the risky development channel, that is, the channel with potentially unstable builds. However, this is not the first time that tabs in File Explorer can be tested. The feature was already unofficially tested in spring with build 22572, but at that time tools like ViveTool were still needed to reveal the hidden implementation.

Tabs for select Insiders in the dev channel

Even with build 25136, not all members of the dev channel can test tabs. Even in this channel, Microsoft only shows certain features to select members to get feedback from them and then start rolling out to all members of the dev channel. Microsoft wants to do the same thing this time with tabs in File Explorer. Tabs will finally roll out with the next major feature update 22H2, also known as Sun Valley 2, which is expected in the fall, possibly starting in September. A preview of Sun Valley 2 with Build 22621 with RTM status was last posted on the Release Preview Channel, which is considered stable.

New design for File Explorer

In addition to tabs, the updated File Explorer features a new layout in the left navigation pane intended to provide faster access to frequently used and pinned folders and various OneDrive profiles added to Windows 11. OneDrive now display the name associated with the profile. The drive path displayed in the address line should make it easier to see if the drive is local or stored in OneDrive. The new file explorer no longer shows logical folders like pictures, documents or downloads in “This PC”, so only the pure physical drives of the PC can be shown in this area.

Dynamic widgets with new content

In addition to the new File Explorer, build 25136 introduces an update for dynamic widgets in the taskbar. From now on, not only the weather will be displayed with a dynamic display, but also sports, finance and news widgets will display dynamic content if there are current events of the mentioned categories. Dynamic widgets are designed for quick information at first glance and display more detailed information after opening. If the screen is not open at the time of viewing, the widget jumps back to weather as standard. This feature will also initially be distributed to individual Insiders in the dev channel, after whose feedback a potentially larger release is planned.

Dynamic widgets also for messages (Image: Microsoft)

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25136 brings according to the Windows Insider blog it also includes minor updates and bug fixes, but also a number of known bugs.