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Nintendo Switch (OLED-Modell)

Nintendo Switch with 4K resolution: New dongle promises “automatic upscaling without lag” – ntower

For some time, fans have been eagerly awaiting a sequel to the Nintendo Switch, which, like its competitors, is said to allow at least 4K resolution. Now, after more than 5 years, it was about time, but to shorten the waiting time a bit, a new Kickstarter project will start in April. This includes a dongle that is supposed to upscale the Nintendo Switch’s output resolution from classic 1080p straight to 4K, and that without delay.

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the 4K professional gamer is the successor to the 4K Gamer+, which launched in Asia in 2021. Like its predecessor, it is a plug and play device: This means that you connect the device between the HDMI cable that goes to the TV and the other part on your Nintendo Switch. The new version of the device promises that it will be The image is 20% sharper, more colorful and has more depth of field. might as the predecessor. TO tech youtuber I already tested what the dongle is capable of. Feel free to take a look:

Do you have any experience with these types of dongles or do you prefer to wait for official Nintendo hardware?

Reference: NintendoLife

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