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OM |  OM: "I am willing to risk my place if management believes that I am responsible," declares Villas-Boas.

OM | OM: “I am willing to risk my place if management believes that I am responsible,” declares Villas-Boas.

It’s like that, it’s my responsibility.“Same after the pitiful performance of his men tonight against LensAndré Villas-Boas protected his players, to the point of jeopardizing their position. “As long as management believes that it is me, I put my place at their disposal for leadership. I do not have any problem with that. I am not an obstacle“replied the Olympic coach after tonight’s game. While remaining evasive about a possible exchange with management on this issue.”Yes she answered me.“We will not know more.

So is AVB in danger? It is certain that after tonight’s Olympic performance, and the lack of reaction even after the opening of the scoreboard, the question can obviously arise. All this, while the Olympians were supposed to have “spoken” after Saturday’s loss to Nimes.

“I have nothing to reproach my players”

Villas-Boas, however, has seen “a good mood“in your group”.It is not a scandalous game, my players have tried hard, I have nothing to reproach them for, argues the coach. Lens was superior, there is nothing to say, his victory is deserved. We don’t create enough opportunities, it’s true. As soon as we lost Rongier and Pape, we lost control of the game. We had trouble getting the ball and we couldn’t create situations.“In fact, the Marseillais fired only four times on goal, only once in the first half and their first attempt on goal came from Radonjic in the 86th minute.”This is due to loss of control of the medium.“Villas-Boas repeats.

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“I don’t think I’m dead for the Champions League”

OM, sixth in the standings, is four lengths behind Rennes and Monaco and too far from the podium. 8 points from Lyon and 10 from Lille and PSG. “Unfortunately, compared to the podium goal, it might be tricky, grants “AVB”, ORHe will play them all in the coming days, Monaco, Rennes, Lyon … I don’t think I’m dead for the Champions League, but it is a great slowdown for the dynamics of the results.

A loss to Monaco on Saturday would perhaps definitively remove the Olympians from Europe, and possibly Villas-Boas, from their post. “I’m still focused on Monaco.