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PS Plus games were unveiled for August 2021 and fans are not happy

PS Plus games were unveiled for August 2021 and fans are not happy

Well, the losses were (mostly) true. The only thing that has changed between List of leaked games And the official revelation is that Hunter Arena: Legends Coming to both PS4 and PS5, not just PS5.

Hunter Arena: Legends Join him Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville me tennis world tour 2, One of the least exciting gifts you can imagine on PS +.

Of these three, I am the most interested Hunter Arena: Legends (Why can’t game developers just shorten their titles and name them? fisherman’s trail?) Steam user reviews don’t paint a pretty picture. I still love this concept. The game is a 30 player battle royale with PvP and PvE elements set in the fantasy of ancient Asia. Perhaps this is a pleasant surprise, as long as the same set of problems reported by PC gamers does not occur.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battaglia for Neighborville They look fun (they’re 2 years old now) and have mostly positive reviews, but I have to admit one thing here: I don’t really like these games. This entire franchise, on mobile devices and consoles, has never impressed me. Maybe this is the game to change all that. I doubt it.

until tennis world tour 2 I think I prefer to play real tennis. Tennis is a fun sport. It’s basically the kind of sport that you can play for free with a friend whenever you want. I really didn’t like tennis video games.

However, I am not the only one disappointed in these titles. Players on reddit They are almost universally disappointed, and the only positive mentioned at the bottom line is “at least now we will have more time to get over our backlog of work.”

Overall a rather weak result from Sony in August. July training was much better and You still have a few days to download this month’s games. before they are replaced. Hopefully September goes better.

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