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How do you know that your phone has been hacked?  Here are 4 signs!

How do you know that your phone has been hacked? Here are 4 signs!

Many ways smartphone hacking With different goals for the people who do this. There are several signs that indicate this.

Smartphone battery problems

The temperature of smartphones has been known to rise, especially if you play hard games or open many applications at the same time.

Although such practices should not be enough to cause any harm to your smartphone, it can be a sign that it has been hacked, because most of the malware that is installed basically runs in the background to steal information, eavesdrop or record calls. .

You should also monitor the applications that you use regularly and how they affect the battery of the smartphone, especially the applications that require an internet connection.


Internet bill increase

Monitoring your internet utility bills helps you detect spyware. Applications often use large amounts of data from the Internet, especially if you are not connected to a free wireless network. Therefore, you need to know roughly how much internet data you use each month.

And if the bill for the service has increased significantly, you need to know exactly why this happened, as there may be applications that consume data from the internet on your phone.

Unwanted ads on your smartphone

You need to know what’s inside your smartphone Especially apps that run in the background, as the appearance of apps that you didn’t install before means that they often contain malware.

These applications can also be used to collect data and broadcast pop-up advertisements to encourage victims to click on the links they contain.



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Sending spam

If you find that your smartphone receives a lot of spam messages or phone calls from strange and unknown numbers, then something is wrong.

Similarly, if a family member or friend mentions to you that they are sending you strange texts or emails, it means that your phone has probably been hacked and your infected phone is trying to install malware on your friends or family’s phones.