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So we can make Siri answer us "Hey Siri" even when our iPhone is face down or covered

So we can make Siri answer us “Hey Siri” even when our iPhone is face down or covered

When we leave our iPhone with the screen facing down on a flat surface or cover its front with some type of cover, the system understands that we do not want it to respond to “Hey Siri”. This is a performance that is intended to behave like this, however there will be some cases in which we want Siri to answer us at all timesfortunately there is the necessary adjustment.


Who has not happened? Sometimes we call our favorite assistant without any response, after raising our voice and repeating the call several times we realize that we have simply left our iPhone upside down, so Siri is not going to answer us. The same happens with some cases that cover the entire screen of the phone, the function of contacting our assistant without having to touch the iPhone disappears.

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Fortunately there is a setting with which we can ask Siri to answer ignoring screen clutter detection. The steps are the following:

  1. We open the app Settings on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We came in Accessibility.
  3. We played on Siri.
  4. We activate Always allow wakeup when hearing “Hey Siri”.

That easy. From now on our iPhone will answer regardless of whether the screen is covered. Keep in mind that the function of deactivating “Hey Siri” in certain situations helps to reduce false positives.

In any case, beyond accidental activations, it is clear that the possibility of talk to our assistant whenever possible it’s interesting. Especially depending on which third-party covers we have been able to place on our iPhone.

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