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Steingaden experience app in the test: more frustration than pleasure

Steingaden working experience app in the examination: much more annoyance than enjoyment

“Discover out fascinating points about the record of the monastery, the Brettleweg or the Wieskirche” – that is what the new experience application “Locandy” promises, with which site visitors to Steingaden can now go on an interactive journey of discovery. But does the provide are living up to its promises? We examined it.

Steingaden – In our sensible examination we go to “The Guelph Sword Hunt”: “The unbelievable has happened! The valuable damascus sword was stolen from the tomb of Welf VI. Sign up for Abbot Anselm von Steingaden in search of the sword in this interactive radio experience. There are challenging puzzles to address and an thrilling chase to go on.” That’s the promotion textual content. A loved ones of six from Ammertal, grandmother Ingrid with her daughter Alexandra and grandchildren Johann (7), Emma (9), Lena (11) and Pius (11) take the problem.

Downloading the app will be a examination of endurance

But ahead of the chase can start out, there are technical hurdles to triumph over. Scanning and downloading the app overwhelms two of the current cell telephones. The 3rd functions valiantly. But charging usually takes time. “When are we leaving?” asks Johann. “We have only downloaded 48 percent,” explains his mother. “And how much do we need: 100?” His niece Emma timidly asks him. Regrettably sure! Alexandra’s suggestion, which would make sense in itself, to stroll to the future station during the loading course of action won’t assistance possibly: no a single appreciates the place to go. This checks the tolerance of kids even before they begin.

In simple fact, it normally takes half an hour just before the narrators’ voices can be read for the very first time. Now all people is crowding expectantly all around the smartphone. But the anticipation shortly fades: the 1st introductory text is also thorough and peppered with specialized conditions. Even though detectives big and modest do their greatest, it really is difficult to capture almost everything in 1 listen.

Text overload minimizes enthusiasm

Then the initial concern is requested and last but not least activity is demanded: “What was the nickname of Welf VI: The Lion? The bald? The slight? First guess: Leo? Improper, states the app. Then Emma and Lena spoke vehemently: “The smooth a person! We mentioned that before…” And the girls are ideal! “You seem deserving of the endeavor,” suggests the sonorous voice of the narrator. But alternatively of last but not least receiving into the hunt more actively, a flood of texts follows, once again lessening the determination he is just received. Historical prehistory is traded practically endlessly.

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The next concern gets the team shifting for the first time. A document will have to be interpreted. Searching for the patron of the church. Then it goes from the Welfenbrunnen to the monastery church. The identify St. Johannes can be located there. But the reply is turned down as wrong. And a clue was supplied: they ended up searching for the very first bishop of Paris, the patron saint of France. impotence almost everywhere. The problem can only be answered with the support of the World-wide-web. But the reception is not the very best. “Dionysus” finally proves to be right.

Now continue: “You have to go to the outdated parish church at the east conclusion of the sector square, before the gatehouse on the left.” Grandma Ingrid is the initially to know wherever East is and she reveals the way on goal. “You can acknowledge the aged parish church by the pointed arch window. That’s where by you start the next year.” A discussion is opened about regardless of whether what can be observed on the wall of the household could be a bricked-up pointed arch. A photo brings clarity. Now the narrator announces that the intruders escaped by a pointed arch window. He future asks: “Is this window from the Gothic, Romanesque or Renaissance period of time?” The good results of having succeeded with the Gothic design and style is misplaced all over again in a very long textual content that, with its detailed details, is more acceptable for looking through than listening to.

The third station is the chapel in the cemetery wall. The heraldic animal of the Guelphs is uncovered listed here. This time, Pio has the right answer all set: lion! Whilst a scroll seems on the mobile cellular phone, whose letters should match the names of four saints of the Premonstratensian buy, the kids little by little disconnect.

The summary of the testers.

The fourth station opens on the facade of the Welfenmünster tower. “The villains must be very close,” the narrator’s voice whispers. He now he appears for a skeletal relic in the church. But what if the church is shut or a mass is remaining celebrated? Thankfully, it is available. Grandma Ingrid is the initially to locate the relic. She comes from St. Beninus. Rejoiced too quickly, that isn’t going to healthy, since 13 letters are necessary. The electricity of the sword seekers has last but not least fizzled out. Small by minor, absolutely everyone finds by themselves fatigued at the starting level in Welfenbrunnen.

The summary of the testers: This research is absolutely enjoyable for examined historians. It’s not really suitable for spouse and children entertainment, for the reason that it produces a lot more frustration than the drive to check out. And he relies far too substantially on the mobile cellphone as the only instructor.

By Sabine Naher

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