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Tesla starts Steam game support, but only for some models

revealed earlier this year boss tesla Elon Musk on Twitter that the automaker is working to expand the game offering of Vapor to integrate into their vehicles. Now the time has come and the necessary update has begun.

Tesla thus presents the Steam integration, which has been developed in beta tests for months, initially for the latest versions of its Model S and X vehicles. The launch was officially announced as part of the traditional Christmas update.

A video from Tesla about the new feature shows Tesla’s infotainment system launching Steam Beta and then running graphically demanding games like Cyberpunk 2077.

This is also a sticking point: since high graphics performance is required, only the newer Model S and X models, that is, the “Plaid” versions that are only now arriving in Europe, can run Steam.

Technology like in the PlayStation 5

The infotainment systems of these two models use AMD RDNA 2 GPUswho are also the technology behind PlayStation 5, as well as AMD Ryzen chips. This means that there is enough power available for Steam. Tesla has vastly expanded its library of in-vehicle games in recent years, adding new titles like Cuphead, PUBG Mobile and Fallout Shelter to its range.

With the introduction of Steam, not just a few games are starting, but an entire platform. Tesla reported in the announcement that the integration will bring thousands of games. It’s not that easy for Tesla with games. There had already been issues with the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) because the company allowed gaming while driving. After extensive investigation by the agency, Tesla disabled this feature, which means users are now also unable to play Steam games while the vehicles are in motion.

In addition to the Steam integration, Tesla is now also allowing its customers to integrate Apple Music into their infotainment system with the new update. It gives them the ability to schedule light shows for multiple vehicles at once and view the interior camera from the Tesla app while in dog mode or sentinel mode.

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