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That's how often a wind turbine has to spin for an electric car

That’s how often a wind turbine has to spin for an electric car

© Image by Karl Jeller on Pixabay

At energy transition will be the wind power assigned a central role. equally standing electric cars at mobility change in the middle. The German has how much electricity a wind turbine can generate and how far an electric car can travel with this energy Efahrer electric car portal Illustrated with some calculation examples.

The starting point is one of the largest wind turbines of the moment, the “V236-15.0MW” from Vestas. This system with a rotor diameter of 236 meters generated 15 megawatts or 15,000 kilowatts of power.

The average speed of these huge windmills is about 10 revolutions per minute. Therefore, one rotation lasts 6 seconds. This means that the system with one revolution 25 kWh of energy can generate, Efahrer calculates before.

FILE PHOTO: General view of the Walney Extension offshore wind farm operated by Orsted off the coast of Blackpool

An offshore wind farm in the UK

consumption of electric cars

On the other side of the equation is the consumption of electric cars. Here the small and relatively inexpensive is used. VW e-up! with a consumption of 16 kWh per 100 kilometers as an example.

According to Efahrer’s calculations, a VW e-up! with the energy of one revolution of a Vestas V236 wind turbine Drive 156 kilometers. To gather the energy to 32kWh battery of the small VW electric car, such a wind turbine must be charged 13 seconds be in operation, or rotate a little more than 2 times.

Calculate the annual production of a VW e-up! with its nominal consumption and a driven range of 14,000 kilometersthe huge Vestas wind turbine would only have to 9 minutes be in operation to cover the annual energy consumption.

Calculation based on smaller wind turbines

However, Vestas’ oversized wind turbine it is not the norm there. The vast majority of wind turbines in operation today are significantly smaller and therefore supply less power. also lie the average consumption of electric cars usually above 16 kWh/100 km of the small e-up!.

To take this into account sets efahrer another calculation example that is based on a clear smallest wind turbine settled down. This is based on an average energy output between 4 and 7 million kWh per year the end.

Consequently, a single wind turbine with an annual output of 4 million kWh generate enough energy to run 2000 e-ups! a whole year to run for a long time, as long as the annual mileage is 14,000 kilometers.

Significantly more efficient marine plants

For larger offshore wind turbines, producing up to 67.5 gigawatt hours can produce, it would therefore be a unique wind turbine enough to drive a VW e-up! by year 400 million kilometers to be able to drive. Or put another way: such a wind turbine could supply enough power to run almost 30,000 e-up cars! to be able to cover a distance of 14,000 kilometers each time.