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That's why this iPhone is on the verge of extinction

That’s why this iPhone is on the verge of extinction

For months there have been repeated reports that should show how poorly the iPhone is selling in mini form factor. Apparently, the cries of many fans were not enough. new figures of Consumer Research Intelligence Partners (CIRP) of the USA show just how unpopular the smaller iPhone really was in recent months. Even a two year old Apple-The smartphone was more popular. Overall though, Apple can be happy about the success of the iPhone 13 range.

iPhone 13 mini: Sales figures also in mini format

That iPhone 13mini with its 5.4-inch screen it not only struggled compared to the other variants of the same model year. Even compared to older Apple cell phones, it shows how rarely buyers pick up the smaller iPhone. even that was so iPhone 11 most popular in the first three months of the current year.

According to the CIRP, that had iPhone 13mini in the March quarter of the current year only part of three percent. It looked equally bad in the same quarter of the previous year. iPhone 12 mini outside. These numbers are comparable to shares in the December 2021 quarter, according to CIRP.

CIRP figures show the distribution of the different iPhone models in recent years

All this is another harbinger of what the coming month of September may bring us. As already mentioned, many observers expect the Mini model to be discontinued. on the next iPhone 14. Instead, there should only be two sizes for the following four variants: 6.1 and 6.7 inches.

Overall, based on CIRP figures, Apple can be confident in the success of the the entire iPhone 13 range be happy. In the March 2022 quarter, the four models accounted for 71 percent of all iPhone models in the US in the iphone 12 it was only enough for 61 percent in March 2021.

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One of the reasons for the good sales figures of the iPhone 13 According to CIRP, the trend among American buyers is to replace their smartphones earlier than before. After users used their mobile phones for more and more years, this trend has apparently been reversed in recent months. As of March 2022, 47% of customers had their previous smartphone for up to two years. As of March 2021, the ratio was still 35 percent.