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the best sports games for smartphones and tablets

the best sports games for smartphones and tablets

Let’s find out together which are the best sports games that you can download on IOS and Android mobile devices.

Today we all have a tablet or smartphone one be it Apple or Android, where you can download thousands of applications, including video games. And speaking of video games, today we will see which are the most suitable games for lovers of various types of sports that can be downloaded on mobile devices.

Soccer simulations

Let’s start with some soccer simulations, among the most popular soccer games for mobile devices that we have Dream League soccer. Free game on both Android and iOS, it is a good quality soccer simulation with good 3D graphics. It gives the possibility of playing different types of leagues and being able to use real licensed players.

Also for football lovers it is possible to find the mobile counterpart of FIFA and PES. Both games (downloadable for free on Apple and Android) offer very defined gameplay, extremely accurate graphics, many official and unofficial challenges with varying difficulty, especially in PES, which offers a good challenge in the higher leagues. Obviously in both games there are microtransazioni to be able to speed up some processes like updating players or being able to find more rare players right away, but they are extremely fun without even spending a real penny.

Let’s talk about tennis

Moving on to other sports such as tennis, we have a game that made history, that is Virtua Tennis Challange. Historic tennis game developed by Sega, has been transposed to Android and iOS devices is still beautiful to play and watch. It offers a good simulated tennis game with a satisfying challenge and 18 different world championships, the game is not free but only costs 4 euros.

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Another game for tennis lovers is Ultimate Tennis. Also available on ios and android for free, it offers very similar and quality gameplay as Virtua Tennis, but with the addition of an online multiplayer in which to challenge friends and casual people from all over the world. The technical level is quite good with clean and accurate 3D graphics.

We play at high speed: Formula 1

We conclude with the latest game based on the most followed motorsport in the world. We are talking about F1 Manager. Management game that gives you the opportunity to become the team manager of a Formula 1 team, manage strategies, contracts, car improvements, etc. On a technical level it is definitely valid, especially the cars are rich in detail and well defined. Also available on ios and android mobile devices.