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The police radio does not work throughout the country: interruption of up to 17 minutes

According to a media report, there was apparently a nationwide riot on police radio on Wednesday night. However, it only lasted a few minutes.

Tonight, radio contact between operations centers and police patrols was apparently not possible nationwide for just over a quarter of an hour. This is reported by the newspaper “Bild”. A Berlin police spokeswoman confirmed the interruption of t-online when she was asked.

In Germany, all authorities and organizations with security tasks use a uniform radio network. According to the website of the federal agency responsible for digital radio for authorities and organizations with security tasks, this allows “inter-institutional and national communication.”

Nationwide emergency services interlocked radio networks

Apparently, this close intertwining may also mean that the problems have an impact at the national level. Yesterday’s outage was due to a system error during maintenance work, the Berlin police spokeswoman said on t-online. The exact error is currently unknown, but the operator is looking for the cause. She is unaware of a similar failure in the past.

However, the Berlin police did not notice any significant consequences of the failure. Such a short interruption (in Berlin it was recorded from 2:23 am to 2:39 am) did not cause any problems. Officials could have used their mobile phones during this time if necessary. However, a longer-term failure would have serious repercussions, the spokeswoman confirmed.

According to the “Bild” report, the police in Hamburg and Lower Saxony also reported problems when asked. The newspaper also reports that the firefighters’ radio also failed for about five minutes. A phone replacement was provided during this time.