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The retro console for 229 euros on Amazon

The retro console for 229 euros on Amazon

The Nintendo Classic Mini is Nintendo’s charming retro console. We show you where you can still get them!

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Buy Nintendo Classic Mini on Amazon

Attention game fans: if you still have one of the retro treasures wants to ensure must be fast. the nintendo classic mini is currently available on Amazon 229 euros. The console will make all retro gaming hearts beat faster, I promise!

Playing with the Nintendo Classic Mini: That’s how it’s done!

You also need one to play with the console. TELEVISION and a HDMI cablewhich is already included Contains it is. The console can be easily connected and the fun can begin. A USB cable is also included power supplybut a plug adapter is not included.

<<Here you can find the right plug adapter as a fast charger! >>>

Nintendo Classic Mini: This can be played with it

You can do them all in the console. popular gamee from the past, including “Super Mario World”, “The Legend of Zelda” and “Super Mario Kart”. The Nintendo Classic Mini comes with 30 pre-installed games like Donkey Kong and PAC-MAN.

The console is also available in Set of two controllers for 293 euros. This offer is refurbished, which means the console is used and tested. It looks like new and works like a new product.

Other stores: The Nintendo Classic Mini is also available here

At the used goods dealer repurchase exist Nintendo Classic Mini Console also in black and grey. There is a controller with it and the console costs only a little here 108 euros. At Rebuy, used devices that are still in perfect working order are checked, cleaned and resold. So you save money and the environment is relieved because the devices can be used more. So a great thing!

<< ¡Compra la consola retro aquí en Rebuy! >>>

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