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CSU plans wind power expansion: Bavaria loosens distance rule for wind turbines

CSU plans wind power expansion: Bavaria loosens distance rule for wind turbines

CSU plans wind power expansion
Bavaria relaxes the distance rule for wind turbines

The strict 10H distance rule slowed down the expansion of wind power in Bavaria for a long time. Now, however, the CSU is also voting for a relaxation. Prime Minister Söder now expects several hundred new wind turbines in Bavaria. Hydroelectric power is also poised to move forward soon.

The CSU caucus voted to relax the previous strict 10-hour distance rule for wind turbines. After a discussion that lasted several hours, the deputies voted in favor of reducing the minimum distance between wind turbines and residential buildings to 1000 meters in certain areas, as Prime Minister Markus Söde later told journalists. He expects up to 800 new wind turbines to be built now. The head of the CSU had originally set a goal of 500 wind turbines plus X.

The 10H distance rule states that a wind turbine must be ten times farther away from residential buildings than its height. In the case of systems mostly 200 meters high, this led to minimum distances of 2000 meters. Söder said that the distance rule would basically remain. However, there should now be exceptions for railway lines, highways, forests or industrial auxiliary systems. In addition, priority areas for wind turbines must be designated.

“We are taking a big leap forward with the wind,” said Söder. CSU coalition partner Free Voters had also recently spoken out in favor of relaxing the distance rule. Strict Bavarian regulations had largely stalled the expansion of wind power in Bavaria in recent years.

Söder also announced a joint cabinet meeting with the Baden-Württemberg cabinet for July. The focus must be on hydropower. The CSU accuses the federal government of putting hydropower, which is widespread in Bavaria, at a disadvantage when it comes to renewable energy. Joint projects with Baden-Württemberg are possible.

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