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Updates to the new Nintendo Switch proceedings could prove huge to players

Updates to the new Nintendo Switch proceedings could prove huge to players

The new updates Nintendo Switch and Joy-Cons on Nintendo Switch Lite can be huge for players. Since its release in 2017, it has been praised almost all over the world. However, there has been one major problem since its launch, which is Joy-Con drift. Stick drift issues aren’t unique to Nintendo Switch. PS4 and Xbox One controllers also suffer from this mechanical failure, and PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers are also unlikely to avoid most unavoidable problems. However, while stick drift was a problem for all game hardware makers, it’s much more serious on Switch than on other platforms. The problem is not only seemingly much faster, but much more serious.

So far, Nintendo has had to pay for this issue in several different proceedings, many of which are still in progress. And in Europe, these proceedings are intensifying. A coalition of nine different European consumer rights groups has been formed to begin investigating this issue.

So VGC Note, this week the Dutch Consumers Association announced that it will work with other consumer rights groups such as Italy and France to monitor the situation. And, according to these various groups, switch owners are relaying Joy-Con controller issues together.

“I’m calling because I’m receiving a signal that the switch won’t last as long as consumers expect,” said Sandra Morener, director of the association. In addition, the limited options for repairing consoles require consumers to make expensive replacements. Use the response to determine further actions to take. “

The Dutch Consumers Association said it was ready to raise the issue with other consumer rights groups on its side if no solution was available.

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In the United States, Nintendo was at the wrong end of some class proceedings, but so far none of this has brought improvement. Instead of repairing the failed controller, the company started a refund, which is within the scope of all proceedings. But now the situation is getting worse in Europe, and it will soon be difficult to ignore it as it used to be.

Nintendo has said in the past that it can’t comment much on this topic because all proceedings are involved, but it suggests that it doesn’t matter, This naturally offended many owners of hardware that was otherwise fine...