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What is your favorite jump in video games?

What is your favorite jump in video games?

It’s Monday, the time of Ask Kotaku, which is a weekly feature. Kotaku-Consider a single burning question. Well then, thank you.

Ask Kotaku this week: What is your favorite jump in video games?


Dash jump in Rockman X.. I have never felt anything like that to this day. Rockman XThe normal jump type of is the worst. The dash is a little more satisfying. Combining the two gives you something really sublime. It has less hang time than a proper double jump, but it also has more power and gust. Most video game jumps are aimed at unlocking verticality. Rockman XDash Jump is aimed at making you faster and more powerful. Completely change tradition Rockman Platformer in process..

GIF: Blue Isle Studio / Kotaku


This is easy.I still dream of mechanically enhanced soaring jumps from Blue Isle Studios indie adventures. valley.. When the hero of the game finds a suit that runs very fast and can use that momentum to jump over gorgeous natural landscapes, it starts with a slow walk through the woods and evolves into something amazing. You need to see it in action to get it. Fortunately, I brought the video.

Currently, I can’t run or jump because of paralysis, so this is the movement I imagine when I close my eyes.


Big jump in Mirror edge.. First-person view, the speed at which the world rushes through in peripheral vision, the loss of direction that can be felt in the stomach hole when jumping from the ground to the air and (sometimes anyway) back to the ground, it’s perfect.Jump over buildings and high platforms Mirror edge It’s more than a jump. Mario Jump, Sonic Jump, they always do it, and it’s like breathing on them.To Mirror edgeThe leap is an event, and whether it’s your first or 1000th, it’s as exhilarating as it’s scary.

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image: Girlfriend


There are many good jumps in video games! Is it one of Mario’s many famous leap from the last 35 years?Maybe something from Celeste, Or, Hollow knight, Or how many platformers have been fine-tuned?How about the lamp in the middle Forza Horizon 4England that makes me pretend that my Lamborghini Aventador is a genuine 747?Or from Van Halen’s “Jump” Guitar Hero: Van Halen?? Would you like to jump into hyperspace in an interstellar game?

All good candidates, but nothing comparable to ollie skate.. Prior to 2007, it was easy to run an ollie in the most popular skateboarding game. Just press a skate Came in and changed everything with that “flick it” system.

Instead of pressing a simple button, first hold the thumbstick back (simulate the pressure on the back of the skateboard deck) and flick it up (simulate the actual ollie hurdle motion) need to do it. And, like the real thing, it was difficult to learn and master, but over time, the illness tricks of the Encyclopaedia Britannica were opened up. That one jump served as the basis for kick flips, heel flips, varial flips, 360 Schweit, inward heel flips, nose grabs, tail slides and 5-0 grinds. And man, I was able to continue.And that’s not to mention the fact that your trick bag is really there four Double its superficial size, depending on your stance (regular, switch, fakie, or nory). Is a single video game jump so versatile? bring up Skating 4..


Triple jump Super Mario 64.. You can count three jumps as one, right? Push the control stick forward and tap A. Mario makes a simple jump. Once he has landed, tap A again and he will jump higher. Once he has landed it, tap the button again and he will start a big flip jump and shout with delight. The rhythm of three button taps, the increased height of each jump, Mario’s joyful screams … it feels great, looks and sounds. It is also very convenient to move around the world of Mario.

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screenshot: Bungee


I had to think much longer than I expected. We jump frequently in video games. Almost every video game I play has some sort of jump button. Still, most jumps are boring. It’s functional and convenient, but it’s forgotten in just a few seconds after you press a button.

But one jump with me comes from an unexpected place. Destiny.. Specifically, when playing as a high-flying triple jump hunter. I remember exploring most of the game quickly while managing the jumps. It can be used to withstand large drops of water and to easily reach unobtrusive places. Sure, the Titan can jump high, but with the Hunter there are options and it felt more clever to use.

What is your favorite jump in video games?Illustration of the article titled

screenshot: Nintendo


The video game jump that brings me the most joy is Mario Kart series. There is something tactilely pleasing about coming to a corner, hopping and leaning on a drift.I love Double dashHowever, removing that small sequence from the equation definitely hurt it in terms of texture from moment to moment. To be honest, I love the idea that for some reason these vehicles have the hydraulic power to fly in the air.


Position tomb Raider, Lara Croft designer Toby Gard quit core design in search of creative freedom.Create his follow-up GalleonUnfortunately, after seven years of trials, Gard’s once spectacular vision for PC, Dreamcast, and GameCube was finally pushed to its limits in 2004 as almost no one played it exclusively for the OG Xbox. Reached.

Characters like Jack Skellington and unusual controls GalleonIt’s a strange game, but the developers of confounding factors have found magic in their movements.Your hero, Lama, is one of the best athletes in game history, sprinting and making more soaring floating leaps. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon Than Mario.. In addition, the game uses some kind of subtle assistance to allow you to land exactly where you intended. This allows you to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy without limiting your movements to overtly coarse grid-based contemporary snap-ins. Prince of Persia And tomb Raider.. The end result is that your guy is flying around, running down walls, and flying almost occasionally, and every step feels sublime.

Another game that comes to mind is the 2007 Xbox 360 Sleeper. control, Secretly had some of the best 3D platforms of its generation. Obtaining several levels of jump upgrades unleashes the amazing verticality of Pacific City, and the fully tuned analog inputs give you almost complete control over where the next fascist will land.To controlIt’s always a pleasure to be high.

How about you?

KotakuWeighed, but what do you think? Have you got a leap that will move your heart? Please give us your opinion! We’ll be back next Monday to discuss and discuss another otaku issue. See you in the comments!

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