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With 250 Mbps on the Rattelsdorf data highway

With 250 Mbps on the Renchen facts freeway

Deutsche Telekom AG

Renchen, July 5, 2022

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With 250 Mbps on the Renchen data freeway

  • Telekom turns on the facts turbo
  • Close to 610 homes will benefit from the new pace
  • Verify availability in quickly


From now on, all around 610 additional households in Renchen in the districts of Erlach and Ulm will be equipped to surf the Net even faster. The most download velocity improves up to 250 megabits per second (Mbps). Since Telekom has additional expanded its community in Renchen. A complete of close to 2,710 households can currently use the quickly connections.

“Property office and homeschooling have established it: a minor a lot more speed on your personal relationship will not harm. After all, all the things ought to work just good. The further bandwidth we are now building obtainable in Renchen assists listed here,” states Hubertus Kischkewitz, a business spokesman.

This offers buyers a tremendous-rapidly link for streaming, gaming, movies, homeschooling, and residence office environment at the very same time. When uploading, there is 40 Mbit/s as a substitute of 10 Mbit/s with a common VDSL link. This saves time when sending significant amounts of knowledge. To this end, Telekom put in new process know-how in a few grey boxes on the aspect of the street in Renchen in the Erlach and Ulm districts. This guarantees bigger bandwidths. “We have turned on the data turbo. Now the network speed is extra than twice as rapid. The 610 new Online connections can now be booked online, by telephone or in professional shops”, suggests Hubertus Kischkewitz.

A lot more information and facts on Telekom availability and tariffs is available from specialist suppliers, on the World-wide-web ( lot quicker) and by telephone for new buyers (0800 330 3000) and Telekom customers (0800 330 1000), compact and medium-sized companies (0800 330 1300), just about every cost-free of cost.

Deutsche Telekom AG
Corporate Communications

Hubertus Kischkewitz, spokesman

Tel.: 0228 181 – 49494
E-Mail: [email protected]

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