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A Guide for New iPhone Buyers is Here!

“Powerful devices that enable you to do more.”

There are more than 728 million iPhone users in this world. And that makes this incredible phone a device of the decade is the increasing number of people showcasing their interest to purchase and access it. From its powerful processing capabilities to exceptional features, everything makes it a must-to-purchase phone.

When talking about the iPhone’s USPs, there are many highlights like – crystal clear camera, refined features, and intuitive interface. If we follow Apple’s statistics, China and the United States tops the list of countries that use the maximum number of iPhones in the world. The United States has more than 120 million active iPhone users; China tops the list with 228 million iPhones.

Seeing some fantastic craze and stats by the leading player of devices, more and more people are inclining towards it. As it consists of a completely different interface and functionalities as Android phones, new iPhone buyers face it difficult to set up the phone. If you are someone who has been encountering such challenges, then here is a quick guide waiting for you.

Some ordinary, yet necessary steps to follow when purchasing an iPhone for the first time.

How to transfer data?

This is the most common and obvious question for anyone. We people store a heap of important data on our phones. Thus requires enough knowledge about creating backups. Some of the common files to be transferred include contacts, photos, files, and videos. You can create a quick backup or storage space in the iCloud account for videos and images. As far as the contacts are concerned, you can look for some guides helping you sort out such hassles.

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If you require a quick overview on how to do it, you can check out and give it a try. Basically, moving your entire list of contacts to your new iPhone is no rocket science. People often have some email addresses, contact pictures, and other details saved in their Google account. In this case, you can shift the entire string of details as it is to the iPhone. For this, sign in to your Google account, open the Google Contacts app from the nine-dot menu bar (displayed on the right of the page), now go to the Google Contacts app or website – select “Export” – click on the “vCard” – click on “Export,” and you are done. There are some other processes as well; you can learn about them via the detailed guides available online.

How to back up to iCloud?

This is another significant aspect of buying and learning about an iPhone. Before you install anything else in your new iPhone, make sure you download and get access to the iCloud app. This will help you get a backup of everything you have on your new phone. The iCloud app creates a smart backup without bothering you with random and frequent permissions. Just in case you already had an iPhone and are now going for an upgraded one, make sure you create a backup of the previously stored data via the iCloud app. For this, go to ‘Settings’ – click on ‘iCloud’ – now you will see an entire list of apps to create a backup for. Here, you can include – notes, mail, safari, contacts, and much more. There are some other processes as well. Where some would require manual efforts, others would be available with some apps or software.

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How to sync data from iTunes?

Just like iCloud, iTunes is an important app that keeps your entertainment tracked and managed throughout time. You would require to sync all your data like preferred music type, a customized playlist, etc., to get the most out of your iTunes account. It would require you to follow a few easy steps, including – connect your iPhone with MacBook or computer system until you see a lightning USB cable. Now is the right time to boot the iTunes account. For this, click on an icon that will appear in the upper left corner of your screen. Clicking this icon would take you to a brand new window, which will enable the syncing process in seconds.

Brightness feature –

However, it is no rocket science and does not require any technical efforts, but it can be an important factor to enhance your experience. The brighter the screen, the more it will consume battery and will hamper your user experience. Keep the iPhone’s brightness below 50% to see some amazing time. It won’t just help you save your battery from damage but help you protect your eyes. The same can be done through the notification bar menu by dragging the brightness slider towards the right to left or left to right.

Font size –

Android and iPhones use different font sizes. This is one of the biggest changes that every individual witness. The iPhone’s screen size differs from Android phones, which is a major reason people see the true difference. Although the default size is good enough to consider if you feel you need to change it, tweak it. For this, go to ‘Settings’ – click on ‘Display & Brightness’ – go-to ‘Text Size’ and now go for a preferred size depending on your choice. Remember, your tweaked settings will only show a result on the Dynamic Type apps. If you want the changes to be made on all the apps types, then make sure to select the app name separately.

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Auto-lock feature –

Don’t want to bother the lock button over and over again? Then why not go for the auto-lock button? Go to settings – general – auto-lock feature and select the preferred time to get done with it.

The last line –

Buying an iPhone is an overwhelming experience, especially when you are switching from an Android phone. Everything differs from the interface to the overall functionalities and brings you closer to a world-class experience. Many people find it difficult to set up the phone well; people need to relax and look for a quick guide like above to get the most out of the iPhone setup process.