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Kawhi Leonard Wins Kings Five Consecutive Games-Orange County Register

Kawhi Leonard Wins Kings Five Consecutive Games-Orange County Register

Los Angeles — Sacramento coach Luke Walton promised that Kings would appreciate the challenge, but it was difficult to envy their position.

They have arrived in Los Angeles. On a sunny and luxurious day, I was trapped in a hotel room by the coronavirus protocol. I lost 3 games in a row and lost 8 of the last 10 games. Historically plagued by porous defenses, they stumbled. The penultimate place in the Western Conference ranking.

Sacramento’s 120.5 defensive rating was not only the worst recorded in the NBA, but also scored more than 120 points in eight consecutive games. This is a franchise record and the second longest consecutive NBA win in the last 35 years.

And for the second time in three games, the struggling Kings defender, former Clippers coach Rex Calamian, is in charge of this season’s best three-pointers in Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and the NBA. I played against the Clippers delegation at the rate (44.1). Percentage) and the second best offensive rating (117.1).

“This Clippers team, this is a very elite team,” devout Walton said in a zoom video conference with a reporter before the Clippers sent his team, 115-96, on Wednesday. “This is a grown-up man, an all-star, MVP-type man competing for the championship.”

It’s the bills that make the Clippers more and more comfortable with the hype in 15 games this season. The Lakers 11-4, ranked first in the Western Conference for the fifth time in a row with a win on Wednesday.

“I know every night. It’s going to be everyone’s best shot and I’ve handled it well,” said Tyronn Lue after the victory. “We just try to get into the habit aggressively and defensively, share basketball and play right. I think our team is doing that. We talk about the process, and , Everyone is getting better … and we will get better over time. ”

The Clippers starring duo ensure that.

George was particularly excited on Wednesday. His 12 assists led to a career high with 19 points, 7 rebounds, 2 block shots, steals and 6 turnovers.

“T-Lue held the ball in his hand and trusted me. My job was to help and take care of the ball. This is something I’ve been struggling with, but it’s in progress. It’s work, “said George, who averages. The best career of assist (5.1) and turnover (3.8).

“It’s a fun challenge for me. I look forward to challenging the game every night. Understanding it, understanding how defense protects play, how defense protects me. It’s fun to understand what you’re doing. It’s an ongoing study and process, I really take these games, watch movies, and I study, and what I get from theater Try to see what you can do, pinch, and it’s working.

“I love connecting teams. I love taking shots of everyone. I think we were one of the teams that got some of the wide open shots, the wide open threes. , It’s contagious. One guy plays for another and our whole team plays in the same style. ”

George also threw an Alley-oop dunk early Wednesday and charged for another driving dunk, leaving him in a dunk mood.

Leonard is also aggressive, finishing a series of looks, including an early breakaway dunk pair and a timely dunk with a traffic impact in the fourth quarter, with a 13-22 shot, the best in the game. I got 32 points. He also had 5 assists and 6 steals.

And the Clippers, who gave Kings a 38-point defeat in Sacramento last Friday, continued to pass decent shots for good shots, and then often passed them for a better look. Results: 24 assists and 16 3 pointers (35 trials) – Played at least 15 consecutive games 5 times from behind the franchise record Ark.

“Just keep sharing the ball, that’s it. That’s all we can do,” Leonard said as a way to explain the Clippers’ historically hot three-point shot (1996-97). Charlotte Hornets will host the league) Recorded a 3 point percentage in the season and hit with a 42.8% percentage).

“Keep passing it on to open shooters, stay focused and treat every game like the last. It doesn’t put too much emphasis on percentages. The way we play and friendship, and I It’s just that we can enjoy each other and play the right way. ”

Walton said his team’s goal on Wednesday was to keep the Clippers from reaching the 120-point threshold, but Lou’s team ensured that Kings would start with a moral victory alone. Bored to do.

The Kings managed to keep the Clippers down to 25 points in the first quarter. This is Sacramento’s lowest number of permits since the last win, with Sacramento’s 127-122 win keeping Indiana down to 29 points in the third quarter.

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