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Android: the next update for Pixel smartphones arrives: new features, fixes and a farewell (FAQ)


Monday is finally that time again: Google will kick off the new week with an update package for Pixel smartphones, again consisting of several parts. Beside android security update A separate bug fix and feature update is expected for pixel smartphones and there will also be a system update from Google afterwards. Pixel 3a users can probably wait one last time.

android next generation

When does the update arrive?
Google always releases the Android security update on the first Monday of every month, which rolls out immediately to all supported Pixel smartphones over the course of the following hours and days. Since July 1st was a Friday, it doesn’t take that long this month, so you can expect the update on Monday, July 4th. As many Europeans know, the 4th of July is America’s Independence Day. Generally, Google is not influenced by international holidays, but it is influenced by American celebrations. The update may not arrive until Tuesday.

Which Pixel phones will get the update?
The security update will roll out to all 4th to 6th generation Pixel smartphones. The Pixel 3a was released in May 2019 and thus hasn’t been supported since last month. However, Google announced in May that it would add one last update, in July. As usual, a kind of “best of” update is expected, which once again fixes the most important bugs, closes the security holes and perhaps also brings some small innovations. That too Pixel 3 update for VoLTE should be included. But after that, it’s really over…

You can find a detailed description of the update guarantee for Pixel smartphones in this article. Pixel 4 owners should also slowly get used to the idea that monthly updates won’t last forever. After the July update, three more will follow and then the first 4th generation smartphones will also be counted as obsolete.

pixel feature drop

It’s exciting again with the Pixel 6 smartphones, because most of the updates since November 2021 did not arrive on time or with problems. A look at ours Chronicle of Pixel 6 It shows, however, that things went smoothly in April, May and June, so the outlook for July is pretty dire. If it returns on time and without problems on Monday or Tuesday, the Pixel 6 can finally be considered “over the hill”.

pixel update
The pixel update is always rolled out at the same time as the Android security update and always fixes minor issues or security holes that are often not previously known. Functionally, you shouldn’t expect too much in July, because after all, that wasn’t available until early June. Pixel Feature Drop with many important updates.

Samsung was faster
In the end, however, this should not be ignored either: Samsung had already provided the first smartphones with the July update on Thursday, June 30 (!), and once again left Google behind. This is possible because Google gives updates a date of the beginning of the month, but releases basic improvements to smartphone manufacturers two weeks in advance.

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