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Authority warns malfunction: one million Teslas need a software update

Authority warns malfunction: one million Teslas need a software update

Authority warns of malfunction
One million Teslas need a software update

Electric car maker Tesla has already had to initiate several recall campaigns this year. Another software update is now expected for more than a million Teslas in the US The reason: car occupants are at risk of getting their fingers caught in the automatic window closing system.

Electric car maker Tesla has to install a software update for nearly 1.1 million vehicles in the US due to security concerns. The Federal Highway and Vehicle Safety Administration (NHTSA) referred to a malfunction in several Tesla models with the automatic closing system of the windows. Car occupants are at risk of pinching their fingers.

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Tesla vehicles have a sensor system that is designed to automatically detect resistance and prevent the windows from closing. However, on some Model 3, Y, S and X vehicles, the resistors are not always detected reliably, the NHTSA warned. Tesla said the company is not aware of any accidents or injuries caused by the malfunction.

The issue should now be fixed with a software update. Affected car owners will be notified beginning November 15. Tesla had already had to launch several such recalls in the United States this year. For a long time, the company ran software updates without notifying owners or regulators.

In June, NHTSA expanded its investigation into a series of accidents in which Tesla vehicles using Autopilot collided with emergency vehicles that were stopped on the street due to an emergency. Tesla boss Musk recently said how important self-driving cars are to his company. Without autopilot, Tesla’s value tends “towards zero.”

In the past, accidents involving Teslas on autopilot had repeatedly made headlines. According to an NHTSA report released in June, autopilot-controlled Teslas were involved in 273 accidents in the United States in one year.

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