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Cable and internet service cut in a large sector of the southern area of ​​Rosario

Cable and internet service cut in a large sector of the southern area of ​​Rosario

Four crews are working around the clock to restore service as soon as possible, there are sectors that were affected that at this time (11 AM) had already been replaced “, explained company spokespersons, and they guaranteed that” by noon the situation will be normalized and that no one will be left without watch the Argentina game, which is what we all want to do tonight. “

Telecom issued a statement in which it acknowledged the problem and told what is being done to correct it. Below the full text:

“Telecom informs that it is working to repair fiber optic damage caused by fire

In the afternoon yesterday, as a result of a fire, beyond the responsibility of the company, a central fiber optic trunk of the company was affected. Consequently, some clients in the southern area of ​​Rosario could be having problems with internet and cable TV services.

“Once the local authorities allowed access to the fire site, the company’s technical staff began working to restore service in the shortest time possible.

“Since last night, cable and internet services could be routed for most of the customers affected by the incident through alternative routes.

“And work continues to restore all of it as soon as possible.

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this completely unrelated event to Telecom.”

The problem caused discomfort among users living in the southern part of the city and part of Villa Gobernador Gálvez, where there was also an interruption in internet and cable service. Their complaints not only collapsed the provider’s customer service but also social networks, where the poteso were multiplied demanding that they solve the problem.