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Google: Neue Features für Android, Google TV und Wear OS

Google: new features for Android, Google TV and Wear OS

Google plans to release several new Android features in the coming weeks. Near Share, widgets for various Google apps, Gboard, Google Meet, and features for the hearing impaired will be reviewed. Google Assistant for Google TV and Wear OS features will also be reviewed.

Nearby sharing for owned devices

Near Share, for exchanging files between third-party Android smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks, will be expanded in the coming weeks to include a feature in the Android share menu so that individual files and entire folders can also be shared. between your own devices. , those with the Google account connected to share.

Near Share for own devices (Image: Google)

Big screen apps and widgets

After the release of Android 12L and Android 13 and the upcoming Pixel tablet, Google has to adapt its own apps accordingly to promote the ecosystem this time. After recently adapting Google Workspace apps for tablets, the company is now adding new widgets for Google Drive and Google Keep. The Google Drive widget provides buttons for direct access to Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets files. With Google Keep, the widget has been enlarged overall and the font size has been adjusted accordingly.

Gboard is getting even more emoji

Google’s own Gboard keyboard once again has more emoji features, so in the future entire messages can be turned into an emoji pack using “Emojify”, where only a few words consist of text. The feature is now moving to Gboard beta and is initially available in English, but will be available to all users in English in the coming weeks. There are several new fall season stickers to choose from in Emoji Kitchen.

Emoji Kitch with seasonal stickers (Image: Google)

Watch YouTube together with Google Meet

Similar to Apple SharePlay from iOS 15, Google Meet will have a feature to watch YouTube videos together while having a video call. Uno, Kahoot and Heads Up games can also be launched from Google Meet and played with up to 100 friends and family. The feature will be available for Android smartphones and tablets in the coming weeks. With a new multi-pin option, multiple people in a Google Meet conversation can now focus.

Google Meet multiple pinning (Image: Google)

Critical noise alerts

For people with limited hearing there is within the app “automatic transcriptionNoise alerts include new detection of critical household noises, such as fire alarms, running water, and door banging. Notifications are also broadcast on the smartwatch and can be combined with vibrations or the smartphone’s LED flash. Users can also train the device to make noises through a recording, so that a notification appears when the oven is finished, for example. Now there is a library of movies and series especially for Google TV audio description. This content can also be requested through the Google Assistant.

Find audio descriptions on Google TV (Image: Google)

Tiles and apps for Wear OS

A new tile for Google Keep is coming to Wear OS, which can be used to dictate notes by voice and check checklists more quickly. Additionally, Bitmoji is coming to Wear OS to create personal emojis and watch faces.

Bitmoji is coming to Wear OS (Image: Google)

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